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VIGA teaches you how to install bathroom hardware accessories.

Today’s bathroom accessories generally have several main materials: stainless steel, zinc alloy, aluminum alloy and copper alloy.

Stainless steel: It is a medium and low grade product.

Stainless steel has a good anti-rust function, but because stainless steel is difficult to weld and metal processing functions are also poor, it can only be held in a simple process, and the product style is unique and rigid. Zinc alloy: is a low-grade data. Because the zinc alloy metal processing function is very poor, it can not be stamped and formed. Generally, it can only be cast, so the base is generally heavy and the style is old. In addition, the cast product has a poor surface finish, so the plating function is not good, and the plating measurement is easy to fall off, which is a low-grade bathroom pendant product.

Because of its rareness and value preservation and its good metal processing function, copper has been the first choice for many household items since ancient times. In particular, H59 and H62 environmentally friendly copper, because of its good adhesion to the plating layer, the product has a good finish after plating, and the adhesion is extremely strong, which can ensure good electroplating effect for more than 5 years. In addition, alloy copper has a good metal processing function, which can be stamped into different product shapes according to different molds, and has a greater breakthrough in product modeling and Dingxin.

Alloy: medium and low grade data.

The appearance is generally oxidized or brushed, and can not be electroplated, so only matt products can be purchased. The biggest problem of matt products is that it is difficult to clean.

The aluminum alloy is light in weight and the bending resistance is not very good.

Copper alloy: Copper alloy is the best bathroom accessories information, especially environmentally friendly copper is the most high-end information.

Installation time: Pendants are usually installed after the installation of large products is completed. It is necessary to hit the eye with a hammer drill on the wall. This is a very necessary note. It is proposed to ask the professional master to use the glass drill bit to first open the hole of the tile and then use the impact drill to hit the cement, thus preventing the cracking of the tile. If you crack the tile, it will be tricky, not to mention the project is very ambitious.

Bathroom accessories installation tips

Towel rack: mainly installed outside the bathtub, about 1.8 meters above the ground. A bath towel is placed on the upper layer and a towel can be placed on the lower tube.

Soap net, soap ashtray: more on the wall on both sides of the washbasin, in line with the dressing table. Can be combined with a single cup holder or a double cup holder. Soap nets can also be placed on the interior walls of the bathroom for easy bathing. The soap ashtray is placed on the side close to the toilet to facilitate the soot.

Single-layer rack (make-up rack): mounted on the top of the washbasin and under the vanity mirror. The height from the washbasin should be 30 cm.

Double-layer rack (make-up rack): Installed on both sides of the washbasin.

Clothes hook: It can be installed on the wall outside the bathroom, and should be at a height of 1.7 meters. Used to hang clothes during bathing. A plurality of clothes hooks can also be used in combination.

Corner glass shelf: mainly installed on the corner above the washing machine, the spacing between the frame and the washing machine should be 35 cm. Used to place detergent, soap, detergent and the like. It can also be installed on the corner of the kitchen to place seasonings such as oil and wine. Multiple corner frames are assembled in a combination of visual space locations.

Paper towel holder: Installed on the side of the toilet, easily accessible by hand, and less obvious. Generally 60 cm off the ground is appropriate.

Double towel rack: can be installed on an empty wall in the center of the bathroom. When installed separately, it is about 1.5 meters off the ground.

Single-bar towel holder: can be installed on an empty wall in the center of the bathroom. About 1.5 meters from the ground.

Single cup holder, double cup holder: generally mounted on the wall on both sides of the washbasin, in line with the cosmetic frame. It is mostly used to place toothbrushes and toothpaste.

Toilet brush: It is mounted on the wall on the back side of the toilet. The bottom of the cup is about 10 cm from the ground.