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BSCI Certificatie

VIGA Faucet company obtained the BSCI certificate issued by SGS on May 22th , 2018.
BSCI (Commercial Social Standards Certification) – The full name of Business Social Compliance Initiative, BSCI is the initiative of the Business Compliance Social Responsibility Organization. The Business Compliance Organization (“BSCI”) aims to implement a unified set of procedures to monitor and control through continuous improvement of development policies. And the social responsibility performance of companies that promote the production of related products.
BSCI is a program for the implementation of social standards common monitoring systems for retailers, industry and importers and for improving the social responsibility of suppliers in countries where they are initiated by the Foreign Trade Association (FTA).
Initiatives for Business Compliance to Social Responsibility (BSCI) members:
So far, BSCI has reached more than 600 members, and the number of members has grown very fast.
After obtaining the BSCI certificate, VIGA Faucet has achieved more development.
1) lay a solid foundation for long-term development;
2) Increase productivity, increase profits, reduce costs, and reduce the occurrence of security incidents;
3) Enhance the management system so that the company’s leadership personnel and suppliers can improve their management level;
4) Minimize potential business risks such as work-related injuries and even deaths, legal proceedings or loss of orders;
5) Enhance the image and status of the factory and gain a competitive advantage that can promote the development of the company;
6) Improve the relationship with employees, promote the harmony of labor relations, and increase the skills training of employees, thereby improving the productivity of employees;
7) Reduce the number of inspections performed by different buyers at different times and exempt the general CSR assessment, thereby saving audit costs;
8) Fulfill the requirements of the guests, attract potential customers, enhance the competitiveness of the company, and meet the requirements of the customers in terms of corporate social responsibility to stabilize the cooperative relationship.