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ISO Certificate

ISO 9001 is  the most mature quality framework in the world by far, which is setting the standard not only for the quality management system but also for the overall management system. It help lots organizations to succeed their goal through the Improvement of customer satisfaction, employee motivation and continuous improvement.

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The production processes of our  products are following,
Comprehensive planning and preparation the plan of the system certification,
Master the information and choose a certification agent
Negotiate with certificate agent and sign contract
Review the quality assurance manual
Prepare the on site inspection
Accept the on site inspection and do the feedback
Adjust the incompatible organizations
Got the certificate
Preventing loose thinking and go backwards, and continue to improve the quality system
Carry out rectification and prepare the following inspection

On May 3d, 2017,VIGA has got ISO9001:2015 Certificate by CCAC Certification.
The Certificate No. Ref.:51817Q01735R0S which with the valid till May 2nd  2020.