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Concerned about Why the Well-Furnished House Sanitary Ware was Unanimously Opposed by Owners

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On the evening of July 16 broadcast of the CCTV financial “3·15” gala, Vanke Shangcheng’s hardcover house was named due to the quality of decoration. CCTV Finance said that in November 2018, the owners of Vanke Shangcheng in Guangzhou found that the downstairs bathroom “turned into a water curtain hole” when they did water storage test upstairs in their new house, and 146 of the first 201 households to take over the house had water leakage.


Complete bathrooms are unanimously opposed by homeowners

Vanke Shangcheng property is located in Guangzhou Huangpu Development Zone. The first batch of buildings will be repossessed from November 30, 2018. It consists of a total of 19 buildings with 3,400 households in A and B zones. The refurbishment fee of the property amounts to RMB 10,000 to RMB 13,000 per square meter. The construction unit and the quality warranty acceptance unit of Vanke Shangcheng is Guangzhou Wanzhuo Real Estate Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Wanzhuo Real Estate”), the construction unit is Guangdong Shangcheng Construction Co. Research Institute. The bathroom project was subcontracted by Guangdong Shangcheng to product supplier Hongli.

CCTV Finance said that in November 2018, the owners of Guangzhou Vanke Shangcheng found that their new houses were doing water storage tests upstairs when the downstairs bathroom “turned into a water curtain hole in seconds” during a home inspection. Among them, 146 of the first 201 households to take possession of their homes had water leaks. This kind of water leakage is the problem caused by the lack of any waterproofing measures between the Vanke bathroom and the cement board.

The owners have been requesting to replace the bathroom with a traditional one, but Vanke has not responded.


Fast construction, low labor and operating costs for complete bathrooms.

SMC is widely used in high-speed rail, aviation, color steel is steel plate coating. The whole bathroom, currently used in more domestic apartments, hotel chains, hospitals, schools and other places.

The current average purchase price of the whole bathroom about 5000-6000 yuan / set, tile products about 8000 yuan (depending on the level of the parts), saving about 20-30% than the traditional construction. However, the whole bathroom with on-site modular assembly, two workers can be assembled in 4 hours to complete one, compared to the traditional 15 days or so construction period is significantly shortened, but also help to improve the turnover rate for the housing enterprises, and reduce the number of suppliers of different categories, to facilitate supply chain management.

Since 2017, Vanke has implemented the “5+2” industrialized construction system and BiGuiyuan has implemented the “SSGF industrialized construction system”, both of which adopt the assembly construction method. According to relevant data, in 2018, the average income of migrant workers in the construction industry reached 4,209 yuan/month (about 2.6 times that of 2009), with a daily wage of up to 300-400 yuan, and standardized assembly decoration can significantly reduce the number of workers needed and their working hours, saving labor costs. At the same time, in order to encourage assembled construction, real estate companies will receive certain financial rewards if their buildings meet the standards.

According to relevant policies, 31 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the central government have introduced preferential policies to encourage the promotion of assembled buildings, including financial rewards and compensation, priority land acquisition and project approval, floor area ratio incentives, and tax incentives.

At the 2019 China Kitchen & Bath Industry Summit Forum hosted by Kitchen & Bath Information, Liu Suhua, vice president of KeYi, said on the issue of the whole assembly, the core of the assembly interior is the bathroom and kitchen. These two places are involved in the requirements of waterproofing, for the construction cross-section, the articulation of the building structure must be special requirements. It is also one of the biggest pain points with the short board of the entire fine decoration. In fact, before talking to a friend of the real estate circle, but where the rough delivery are not any problem, hardcover delivery and then good construction quality and components are still problems in the end, the bathroom and kitchen delivery of the biggest pain point is drip leak.

She pointed out that the installation of bathroom construction will involve the building structure, finishing components and equipment used, all need to be assembled according to the module. Assembled housing construction takes each step of the process in a pre-, mid- and post-assembly manner. Therefore, the professionalism of our team is not only reflected in the commercial level, but also in the technical level, most of our team members are from the construction industry, or have many years of experience in engineering decoration and home improvement industry.


The complete bathroom for the construction of the technical level of high demand

Liu Suhua pointed out that for consumers, whether designers or small owners, the visual requirements are only the first step. The real sense of perfect delivery of the product, will be from the product of materials, perception, structure, waterproof performance, installation site technology, the ease of installation, product loss, after-sales service and other aspects of perfect, efficient, high-quality processing.

She said that now the vast majority of the installation space, are using the interior mode, more than 90% of the supply and demand are first good building structure, and then the interior construction, construction of the size of the limitations is very large. For the builder, it will require at the beginning of the design, for the length and width of the size definition should be articulated, for the structure of the drop plate, the same level of drainage and lower drainage, drop plate size to communicate well. There is no way to achieve underfloor heating in the whole bathroom, most of which is replaced by means of an electric radiator. Also, the requirements of sockets, light sources, and open light intake are all required to be interfaced with sales cum sales engineers who are well versed in engineering class node techniques to achieve perfect delivery.


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