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The New Version of “Floor Drain” and 3 Other New National Standards Need Attention

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Taowei News On July 22, the National Standardization Management Committee released the 17th announcement in 2020, GB/T 38979-2020 sanitary ceramic toilet flushing noise test method, GB/T 38985-2020 ceramic liquid pigment performance technical requirements, GB/T 27710-2020 floor drainage standards and other three building sanitary ceramics related to national standards on July 21, 2020 officially released, of which GB/T 27710-2020 floor drainage standards will be implemented on February 1, 2021, the other two will be implemented on June 1, 2021.

Standard NumberStandard NameSubstitute Standard NumberImplementation Date
GB/T 27710-2020Floor DrainGB/T 27710-20112021/2/1


GB/T 38979-2020Toilet Flushing Noise Test Method 2021/6/1
GB/T 38985-2020Technical Requirements for Ceramic Liquid Pigment Performance 2021/6/1