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Shanghai Dabenxiang Intelligent Home Co., Ltd. Was Fined 80,000 Yuan For Selling Counterfeit Wrigley Trademark Toilets!

Shanghai Dabenxiang Intelligent Home Co., Ltd. was fined 80,000 yuan by the market supervision department for selling goods infringing on the exclusive right of a registered trademark.

It is understood that after the Shanghai Municipal Market Supervision Bureau received a report, the Big Ben Elephant Smart Home enforcement inspection. The regulatory authority seized 261 pieces of suspected infringing goods according to law. After investigation, ” ARROW” marked on the products and packaging of the toilet sold by the company was similar to the registered trademark “ARROW” held by the right owner “ARROW Home Group Co. “Ltd. Moreover, its outer packaging is printed with “Produced by Hong Kong International ARROW Technology Industrial Limited”, which is likely to cause confusion.

Previously, on October 16, 2020, the trademark “INTLAROW and figure” was invalidated in accordance with the law because it was similar to the registered trademark “ARROW”, which was used on the same or similar goods. However, Da Ben Xiang Intelligent Home did not pay attention to it, and from September to December 2021, it sold a total of 65 sanitary ceramic toilets infringing the exclusive right of the registered trademark, with sales amounting to 22,620 yuan. The remaining inventory of sanitary ceramic toilets with 9 models totaled 261, with a value of 149,800 yuan, and the total amount of illegal operation was 172,420 yuan.

The above-mentioned behavior of DaBenXiang Intelligent Home violated the relevant provisions of the Trademark Law of the People’s Republic of China, and the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Market Supervision ordered it to immediately stop the infringement and imposed penalties: confiscation of 261 infringing sanitary ceramic toilets; and a fine of RMB 80,000.

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