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Do you know why the bigger the tap, the more expensive it is?

Demystifying the difference between 30 and 300 taps
Several elements that make up a good faucet
When buying a faucet, you have to ask whether it is copper or stainless steel. Stainless steel is generally more expensive, but not necessarily better than copper.
Don’t think that silver and white are made of stainless steel. Most of the mainstream styles on the market are brass plated.
Generally, gravity casting and old-fashioned sand casting have their advantages and disadvantages, and the cast faucet blank also needs to be polished.
Electroplating is a particularly deep knowledge. Some brands are particularly good-looking. Some brands use less than one year to crack the coating. This is the difference in plating. In general, the better the raw materials, casting technology, and grinding process, the better the plating effect. Ordinary users can’t directly discern the quality of plating. Only when a top brand is left-handed and an ordinary brand is right-handed can you clearly feel the difference between them.
The application of ceramic valve core makes the life of the faucet even exceed the life of the human.
Faucet production process
Copper ingot→dissolution→casting (low-grade casting with sand casting, high-quality faucet with gravity casting)→cleaning after casting inspection→machining→tolerance inspection → grinding →surface inspection→electroplating→electroplating inspection→assembly→testing pressure→ Finished product inspection → packaging → factory.
Such a production process with 16 rigorous processes, each process has strict requirements on the production process. The brand’s factory is in accordance with the principle of superior products, the second-class products are not allowed to leave the factory, and the small manufacturers do not care for the second-class products, and the price is very different. Therefore, the purchase of faucets should be selected brand faucets are guaranteed, just one is a boutique, and small manufacturers must look at luck and character.
Why does the faucet burst?
Is the faucet bursting the quality of the product, or is it caused by human factors? There are two main reasons why the faucet suddenly breaks:
1. the quality of the faucet is not off. The raw materials of inferior faucet producers are often not made of copper, but some mixed materials, so the hardness of the produced taps is not enough. In the later installation and use, damage to the faucet, coupled with changes in water pressure, can easily lead to rupture of the faucet.

2.The faucet is not used properly. Many consumers may have a bad grasp when installing the faucet, which makes the faucet that was originally “unqualified” even worse. In addition to the faucets used in washbasins, shower showers also have a very important detail that is often overlooked. Many people like to roll the shower hose on the faucet after the shower. This tends to reduce the life of the shower hose and become a hidden danger of the shower break.
Why are the 300 faucets more expensive than the 30 faucets?

When selecting a faucet, you must first select the right material. Currently, the most common faucet materials on the market are mainly copper alloy and stainless steel.
1 copper alloy faucet
Features: It is non-rusting, durable, resistant to oxidation and bactericidal to water.
Disadvantages: lead! Therefore, it is best to choose a regular brand when purchasing, in order to ensure that the lead content does not exceed 5 ug / L of health standards.
2 stainless steel faucet
Features: high hardness, strong toughness, no rust, no lead, the faucet itself will not cause secondary pollution to the water source.
Disadvantages: Stainless steel faucets are more difficult to manufacture and process, so the price is more expensive than other materials.
Recommendation: From a safety and health point of view, the purchase of a faucet is the preferred stainless steel faucet of the regular brand.
It is also very important to purchase a faucet, that is, to give the product certification certificate issued by the national quality inspection department.
The faucet is turned off and off every day, and the spool determines the service life of the faucet. As shown below: copper faucet, silver white plating, blue and white parts are the valve core
There are three main types of spools on the market:
1 stainless steel cartridge
The biggest advantage is that the service life is long, the water quality is not high, the valve core can be disassembled and cleaned, and there is no need for professionals and special tools for assembly.

2 shaft rolling cartridge
The handle is smooth and smooth, easy to operate, comfortable and easy to handle, and resistant to aging and wear, but has gradually withdrawn from the market.

3 ceramic cartridge
The ceramic valve core is resistant to aging, wear, maintenance, and non-corrosive properties, making the faucet less prone to water droplets and ensuring operational stability.
Surface Technology
A good faucet is also required to be polished and polished to the finished product!
That is, the coating, that is, to protect the metal material on the surface of the faucet, that is, the skin of the faucet, that is, the value of the faucet.
Electroplating is a particularly deep knowledge. Some brands are particularly good-looking. Some brands use less than one year to crack the coating. This is the difference in plating.
The most commonly seen on the market is chrome plating. Chrome plating is recognized as a relatively mature plating layer. In addition to chrome plating, there are also titanium-plated gold, rose gold plating, nickel plating and so on.
To be honest, it is impossible to visually distinguish the level of plating by the naked eye. Only when a top brand of the left hand and a common brand of the right hand can clearly feel the difference between them.
Teach a little trick: Put your finger on the faucet and press it. The faster the fingerprint disappears, the better.
Service life
High-end faucets, used for 5 years, are still so good, and they all meet the national water-saving requirements. The durability of the products and energy-saving and environmental protection highlight the value of the products. Cheap faucets have a very short service life or even after two or three months of use. After-sales or accidents, the safety is low, and consumers are not recommended to buy.
after-sale warranty
Regular manufacturers, the country’s comprehensive after-sales service system, regardless of the product’s accident or failure, will be resolved by the manufacturer or dealer at any time, production and configuration of higher product brands, mostly high-quality bathroom brands, very concerned about sales The word of mouth produced by each product.
Please choose a large faucet
Many people who don’t understand, or are in trouble, feel that the big brand is trustworthy anyway. It is better to choose a “cost-effective” one, and eventually choose a cheaper style of the big brand. But they don’t understand that the cheaper style has a fatal problem – the size is too small.
The size of the faucet is the most relevant indicator of the experience. Usually, when an adult male washes his hands, his palm is half-grip, with a length of about 15 cm and a height of about 9 to 10 cm. The center of the spout is at least 7 to 8 cm in depth and height to ensure smooth hand washing. The size will not be very comfortable. In addition, the handle itself needs a width of 2 cm or more, and a space of at least 3 cm or more is left below to ensure that the finger does not bend too much when the switch is turned. This is ergonomics.

If you don’t understand it, you can recall the faucets you have seen in public toilets. Most of the public toilets are not up to the standard size, so it is very difficult to use.
The expensive faucet naturally has its own reason, expensive, expensive, because it is expensive. From raw materials to finished products, the faucet has to undergo more than 30 rigorous processes, and the process is quite complicated. Different materials, different processes, different inspections, these are destined to the difference in the price of the faucet, so the purchase of faucets should be selected brand faucet is guaranteed, one point for the price of goods is the eternal truth!