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How to better self-test the safety of the faucet?

Faucet self-test method:
1. Add soapy water, the hard water is hard water (the content of calcium and magnesium is too high), and the other is soft water.
2. Check the water heater in the house and the inner wall of the kettle for a layer of yellow scale. If it is, it also indicates that the hardness of the water is too high, and it should be softened as soon as possible using a softened water purifier.
3. Using the acid-base indicator, it is simple and convenient.
4. Use tap water to make tea. After the night, observe whether the tea is black. If the tea turns black, it means that the iron and manganese in the tap water are seriously exceeded.
Using the above methods, you can easily and conveniently measure the safety of your home water without leaving your home!
Next, I will send you the purchase points of 8 health faucets!

Heavy metal precipitation:
When buying faucets, attention should be paid to the content of heavy metals. The latest domestic standards for heavy metal precipitation mentioned that 16 kinds of heavy metal elements including lead and 17 precipitation index should reach the corresponding standards. Among them, the lead precipitation statistics can not be greater than 5μg / L.

Handle security:
In the latest national standards, the safety of the handle is also required. In the purchase process, we should pay attention to whether the handle of the faucet is light, stable and free of jamming.
The fit between the handle and the spool during use is firm and there is no sign of looseness.

Plating process:
A good surface plating process usually requires a 24-hour acid salt spray test and meets Class 10 standards.
When purchasing, you should pay attention to whether the surface of the faucet purchased is as smooth as a mirror, whether the coating is uniform, whether there are yellowing, burns, peeling of the skin, impurities and other traces. After touching with your hands, the product with easy fingerprints is better.

Faucet material:
The healthier faucets on the market today are made of copper and stainless steel. Among them, the safe copper faucet has good corrosion resistance and antibacterial property. When purchasing, you should pay attention to the weight and copper content of the copper product (not less than 59%). Tap the tap to judge the quality.
In the case of stainless steel products, it can be made of 304 stainless steel, which is not only more resistant to heat and corrosion, but also has better pressure resistance.

Spool durability:
The ceramic valve core is currently the most widely used material for faucets. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, easy operation, good sealing performance and stable performance. For the durability of the valve core, the state also has relevant standard requirements. The single-handle single-control and double-handle dual-control product spool switch life should exceed 200,000 times to ensure smooth use. The single-arm dual-control product spool switch life should exceed 7 Ten thousand guarantees are used smoothly.
When purchasing a faucet, it is possible to judge the smoothness of the switch by whether it is easy and unobstructed during the faucet switch process and is not easy to slip.

Backflow resistance:
When purchasing, you can check the relevant certificate or ask the shopping guide to confirm whether the faucet product has anti-reflux performance. The faucet product with this performance can prevent the sewage from being sucked back into the pipe network and avoid the drinking water source in the pipe network. It is polluted and endangers human health.

Temperature resistance:
In addition to the pressure resistance and durability of the faucet, there is also a corresponding national standard for temperature resistance. The faucet providing hot and cold water should be able to withstand the specified water pressure (static pressure not more than 1.0 MPa) and can withstand 4-90 °C. temperature.
When purchasing, you can ask the shopping guide to show the corresponding test certificate. The good temperature resistance product also guarantees the safety of the faucet to a certain extent.

Identification certificate:
If it is not clear, consumers can choose to buy brand taps in the formal market and supermarkets.
Branded goods have the brand identity of the manufacturer. Non-formal products or quality products often only have some paper labels attached, or even no mark. The faucet packaging box should also have the manufacturer’s brand logo, quality guarantee and after-sales service. Be sure to pay attention to the purchase.

Inferior fake faucets are just the behavior of individual bad merchants. Consumers should make rational judgments and avoid losing confidence in all bathroom products.
When purchasing, simply purchasing regular brand bathroom products from regular channels can greatly improve water safety.

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