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Bathroom accessories -SS304 & Brass towel racks, can help us to store towels, make our bathroom very clean and bright.

Now the bathroom in the family is usually in a small corner, very small. However, there are a lot of sanitary wares in the bathroom, which makes many households feel very distressed. Therefore, there are always a variety of large and small ornaments in the bathroom. So, do you know about the small object of the towel rack?

Towel rack material classification.

  1. Space aluminum: As a new type of material in recent years, many people’s relatives, especially young people, have won high reputation for their high cost performance, stable color, non-flaking surface, no rust, and environmental protection. Including door lock hardware, bathroom hardware, cabinet hardware, furniture hardware products are on the market, and its color is suitable for modern, rural, simple and other styles. However, many of the space aluminum on the market today are only aluminum alloys, and there is a big difference between the space aluminum materials in space equipment, so you must pay special attention when choosing the cheaper space aluminum towel racks.
  2. Brass: The towel rack material is usually made of brass. The surface is chrome-plated, which gives a good mirror effect and gives a noble feeling. Copper has high density, high strength and good stability. It will not rust when used. Relatively speaking, the price is relatively expensive. It can be said that it is one of the good choices of towel rack materials. However, if the copper material is not chrome-plated, it will appear patina after a long time.
  3. Zinc alloy: It appears in the door lock hardware as an early material, because its material can be used in many colors, various styles, and there are more choices in styles to win a wide market. The biggest weakness is: material comparison Crisp, it will be a bit rusty for a long time.
  4. Stainless steel: If it is this material, the towel rack will be more widely used, the cost performance is higher, the surface is smoother and has a good look. At present, the better stainless steel material is 304 stainless steel. If it is 201, it will be worse. After polishing or drawing, the mirror effect is also very good. Stainless steel towel racks are relatively hard, durable, rust-free and corrosion-resistant, so they are also popular with consumers.

Bathroom accessories -SS304 & Brass towel racks, can help us to store towels, make our bathroom very clean and bright. - Faucet Knowledge - 1

How to  purchase bathroom accessory-towel rack?

  • Material selection
    In addition to the four materials introduced above, there is also a plastic material on the material of the towel rack. Although not comparable to the life of several other materials, plastic can be processed into a variety of colors and shapes, suitable for some long-term use or temporary accommodation. Generally, the purchase of more stainless steel towel racks, high cost performance and good stability.
  • Style selection
    The style of the towel rack has a single layer and a double layer, and there are one or more rods. There are also hanging and movable between the poles, and there are a closed end and a multi-end closed type on both sides of the pole. The style can meet the needs of a variety of groups in the choice. In the installation method, there are two types of fixed type and suction type. The suction cup type is suitable for installation on a wall that is inconvenient to punch, and the price is low, but it is easy to fall off. The fixed type has some requirements for the installed wall.
  • Technological selection
    Towel racks have become more and more abundant in design and color with the diversity of people’s choices. In terms of craftsmanship, in addition to the space aluminum that was previously seen on the market, there are also drawing, baking, antique and old. Process. In terms of durability, the baking process is the best.

Bathroom accessories -SS304 & Brass towel racks, can help us to store towels, make our bathroom very clean and bright. - Faucet Knowledge - 2

Cleaning and maintenance of bathroom towel rack

1,The maintenance of the towel rack

  • Because the bathroom is usually damp, we have to develop the habit of opening the window frequently, not only to have a cleaner air in the home, but also to have a positive effect on the health of the family.
  • When cleaning daily, be careful to wipe with a soft rag, and do not wipe the surface of the product with corrosive liquids, kitchen detergents, vinegar, and some acidic or corrosive liquids. It is best not to use it. Water stains on the surface of the towel rack also need to be wiped clean frequently to avoid rust.
  • Renovation is required in the daily space. It is recommended to protect the surface of the towel rack to prevent the paint from getting on the surface of the towel rack, which will damage the surface coating.

2,The towel rack cleaning

  • When cleaning daily, you can wipe it directly with a rag. Do not use some abrasive cleaner. Try to polish the surface of the towel rack, which will only cause damage to the surface.
  • In daily life, the shampoo, shower gel and other supplies we use will have some residual surface on the towel rack. The long-term effect will affect the gloss of the towel rack surface and the quality of the product. Therefore, it is recommended to clean it at least once a week in daily use, and use a neutral detergent to clean it.
  • For some intractable stains, it is recommended to use a mild liquid detergent, or a colorless glass cleaner, then wash it with water, and then dry it with a dry cloth.
  • If you want to make a thorough cleaning of the towel rack, you can buy a wax oil with better decontamination ability, apply it on a clean rag, and then wipe the surface of the product towel rack, you can do it once every three months, which can be effective. Extend the life of the product.

Bathroom accessories -SS304 & Brass towel racks, can help us to store towels, make our bathroom very clean and bright. - Faucet Knowledge - 3



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