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Do You Want To Install A Bathtub In The New Room? Installed People Are Laughing!

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Many people have a wonderful vision before decorating their new homes. One of them can return home after a busy day comfortably soak a hot bath, is the majority of ideas. It is true that a bath can accelerate blood circulation and help a lot to relieve fatigue.

Although it is a beautiful thing to have a bathtub at home, but not every family is suitable for installation. Let’s see which cases are not suitable for the installation of bathtub?

  1. The bathroom is too small. If your home bathroom area is not more than 8 square meters, and only this one bathroom, there is really no need to install a bathtub. Otherwise, it is to find trouble for yourself. If you really want to install, you can consider buying a round barrel type bathtub. Because it takes up less space. There are also barrel type, inflatable type or folding bathtub that can be put away to choose.
  2. The degree of liking. If you find it troublesome or don’t like it, don’t blindly follow the trend. It is a waste to install it.
  3. The bathtub needs to be cleaned from time to time. The bathtub inside and outside of the cleaning, the workload can not be small. If not a daily bath, each bath before cleaning; after the bath should also be cleaned. I believe that the lazy cancer partners, no longer think that the bath is a romantic thing.

If the bathroom is large enough to install a bathtub, we continue to look down.

Common bathtub length is generally about 1500-1800mm, the width is generally in 700-750mm. In order to save space, the bathtub common layout is put against the wall or against the window.

The bathtub has a skirt and no skirt, with feet and without feet. This is easy to distinguish, and can be seen at a glance.

▲ With skirt

▲ Without skirt

▲ Bathtub with feet

▲ without feet bathtub

According to the material, the common bathtubs are divided into these types, acrylic bathtub, steel bathtub, cast iron bathtub and wooden barrel bathtub, and the advantages and disadvantages are analyzed as follows.

/ acrylic bathtub /

Advantages: cheap, good insulation effect, rich and diverse shapes.

Disadvantages: easy to scratch not wear-resistant, easy to lose color, not easy to clean, when the water is noisy.

/ steel plate bathtub /

Advantages: cheaper, lighter weight than cast iron tub, easy to transport and install.

Disadvantages: the depth of the steel bathtub is shallow, the shape is monotonous, and the insulation effect is not good. In addition, if the thickness of steel plate bathtub is too thin, the bathtub is easy to be deformed when transported, installed and used locally. In serious cases, there will be the phenomenon of storm glaze.

/ cast iron bathtub /

Advantages:Smooth and flat, warm color, anti-soiling. It has small water injection noise, easy to clean, and durable.

Disadvantages:The price is the highest, the color and shape are limited by the process, so the shape is monotonous, and the color selection is relatively single. The weight is heavy, and it is not easy to install and transport. When choosing a cast iron bathtub, pay attention to the smoothness and flatness of the glazed surface.

/ wooden bathtub /

Advantages: easy to clean, strong insulation, environmentally friendly materials

Disadvantages: need to maintain maintenance, will deformation leakage, the decorative performance is poor if the home.

Conclusion: cast iron is the most high-grade, acrylic and steel plate is the second, wooden barrels in general.

Installation of bathtubs need to pay attention to

1, Fully measure the size in advance. Check whether the bathtub level, front and back, left and right position is suitable. Check whether the drainage facilities are suitable.

2, Jacuzzi installation must set the grounding wire and leakage protection switch.

3, The bathtub with bracket should check whether the ground is level before installing the bathtub.

4, Pay attention to protect the bathtub in the process of bathtub installation and house decoration.



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