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Data | French Bathroom Market Declines By 5.4% In 2020

French Bathroom Market

Data | French Bathroom Market Declines By 5.4% In 2020

Fnas, the French trade union for the sanitary and heating industry, published in early June the results of a study conducted by ONTSBTP in 2020 to pilot the procurement of sanitary and heating wholesalers. The total market for professional distribution purchases fell by 3.4% to €4 billion: €2.27 billion for heating, €1.19 billion for sanitary ware and €620 million for plumbing. Of these, purchases in the sanitaryware market fell by 6.3% (+4% in 2019).

Meanwhile, according to the French bathroom association Afisb, the bathroom sector showed an overall decline, with sales falling by 5.4% to €1,697 million. Of this, sales of sanitary ceramic products were down 8.5% to €237 million and sales volumes were down 8.3% year-on-year.


The Overall Situation In The Bathroom Market

Freestanding shower enclosures grew by 3% and showerhead sets by 0.6%. The market for shower columns, fittings and shower trays accounted for 44% of the value of the bathroom market. Despite the decline in sales of shower screens, the average price is also falling due to the impact of strong growth in own brands.

Shower trays declined by 14.9% to 1,023,000 units in 2020, with ceramic accounting for 44% (541,300 units), traditional acrylic 6.2% (63,800 units) and other 49.65% (507,900 units). Afisb reports that due to the gradual rise in private label influence in this range, the decline in trade value ( -13%) was greater than the decline in DIY supermarkets (-10%).

Sales of shower poles (including massage shower poles etc.) amounted to 1.736 million units, with total sales of €186.63 million. In addition, sales of shower sets (shower rods, hoses, showerheads) amounted to 227.8 units, with a total value of €45.38 million. This sub-series accounted for almost 40% of the total value of the valves market.

The overall market for shower screens declined by around 10%. This included a decline of 11.8% for shower doors (doors only) and 5.7% for semi-fixed shower screens without doors into the wall. With the popularity of open shower stalls in France, they represent 31% of the installed shower market (excluding bath screens).

Market Situation Of Shower Screens By Type

The main popular bathtub materials in France are acrylic, resin and cast iron. Of these, acrylic and resin bathtubs account for 83% of the bathtub market, including sales of €4,518,500 in 2020, with a volume of 369,400 units.


The Bathtub Market By Material

As for bathroom furniture, Afisb posted a turnover of €244.5 million. This represents a decrease of 9.9% compared to 2019.



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