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Roca has made another acquisition, taking over the fifth largest water tank manufacturer in Europe.

water tank manufacturer

Roca took over the fifth largest water tank manufacturer in Europe.

On 7 June local time, the Aliaxis Group, the world’s largest manufacturer of plastic fluids, announced on its website that it had agreed to sell its subsidiary SANIT, which specializes in wall-mounted systems including in-wall water tanks, to Roca Spain. Aliaxis has indicated that it will continue to operate SANIT until the transaction is completed, which is expected to occur in the third quarter of 2021. The amount of the acquisition is unknown and the acquisition is subject to approval by the relevant regulatory and antitrust authorities.

Sanit was founded in 1945. With a turnover of €74 million in 2020, Sanit is the third-largest operator in Germany and the fifth-largest in Europe. 378 people work at three plants in Germany, in Eisenberg, Rödental, and Wittenberg, and Sanit exports its products to more than 70 countries.

The market for wall-mounted systems, including recessed tanks, control panels, and installation frames, is growing rapidly, driven by the increased use of wall-mounted toilets. Roca says that the world market for this category, led by Germany, is currently experiencing significant growth in all countries. Roca plans to make Sanit a center of innovation and development in the installation sector. With this acquisition, it has once again strengthened its position.

In January 2021, Kitchen & Bathroom News reported that it had acquired ceramic and bathroom cabinet factories in Brazil and Spain respectively. In the middle of the year, Roca India said through the media that it would also invest more in the Indian market, with the possibility of building another factory in the country.



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