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Good-Looking Living Room Decorations Are The Same, Interesting Bathroom Design Unique!

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When it comes to furniture design, we always put too much attention on the bedroom, living room and study in our home, but when it comes to bathroom dressing. It seems that a decent carpet, a clean curtain would be great, is that right?

You don’t know.

Your home’s bathroom can actually look like this

Hammock-style bathtub


Parrot spiral sink

Moss blanket


See-through bathtub

Flower pattern washbasin


Bicycle washbasin


Rich underwater bathroom


Minimalist glass washbasin



Glass Panel Bathroom

If you think these bathrooms are too exaggerated?

Why not take a look at what the future bathroom will look like?

[Smart Mirror]

In the future bathroom, the biggest transformation and change will be the necessary mirror. The future mirror will be replaced with an OLED screen, which can also be connected to the Internet and embedded with a high-definition camera. When we stand in front of the mirror, the mirror will automatically scan us, and then breath test to detect our health status.

And when we dress up in the mirror, the smart mirror will even provide us with makeup suggestions and tips, and can even automatically help us with makeup.

[Wall tiles with display function]

The future bathroom wall tiles can also display various landscapes, simulating different scenes from around the world. And such scenery can make us wake up every morning or have a good mood before going to bed. What kind of scenery you want to experience, you can choose what kind of scenery. Whether it’s a beach, blue sky, white clouds or a forest, it can change according to our mood.

[Shower that simulates a waterfall]

This shower is designed to feel like an open-air waterfall bath, and its open-air vertical design for a refreshing bathing experience can give people a different feeling. It imitates the feeling of natural flowing water to bring us a new bathing experience. There is also adjustable density to control the flowing water, allowing users to customize the mode. Switch between the sensation of rain or waterfall to experience a different ideal bubble bath or rinse. When finished bathing, there is an integrated hot air system to help users blow dry their bodies, completely eliminating the need for a bath towel.

[The floor tile is the scale]

Many people have a scale in their bathroom. Although the scale is now becoming intelligent and can also be connected to a smartphone, it seems to be a bit of a space hog.

In the bathroom of the future, the function of the scale is directly replaced by the bathroom floor tiles. We just stand on the floor can display weight and body fat content and other information, so no longer have to worry about accidentally slipping or valuable bathroom space occupied by the scale.

Of course, if you don’t want to see yourself overweight every day, then you have to push yourself to work out!



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