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The Small Bathroom Has No Windows And Is Damp And Smelly. You Need To Do This Before Your Neighbors Will Follow Suit.

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Housing prices are more and more expensive, wages are not rising, so now many people can only buy a small house. And most small houses have no windows in the toilet. The bathroom does not have windows, there will be moisture and mold, odor, lack of light, especially in the south, this situation is more serious. Since the shape of the house can not be changed, how can make the windowless bathroom, away from the “moisture, mold, dark, smelly it? Come with me to see the practical tricks.

Bathroom damp, how to solve?

The biggest moisture in the bathroom is the shower area, the shower area with the toilet, washbasin separated. With a glass partition, it can block the splash and keep the bathroom dry to the maximum extent. Glass is preferred for partitions in small homes. It saves space and supplements the light source, and the transparent glass not only can have the effect of visual expansion, but also makes the space look clean and clear.

No windows, how to ventilate?

There is no window in the bathroom, there is no fresh air to enter, and the dirty gas inside can not produce displacement and convection, it is easy to breed more bacteria. This will lead to a smelly and damp bathroom. No window, you need to use other tools to solve the problem of ventilation.

1, Installation of exhaust fans

Generally, people will install exhaust fans, together with the ventilation pipe to exhaust the exhaust gas, and then the fresh air from outside can be added to achieve the purpose of ventilation. The market for home exhaust fans are ceiling-mounted, wall-mounted and window-mounted three. Among them, the ceiling exhaust fan appearance is better, can be installed in the bathroom ceiling. Bathroom exhaust fan should be installed as close as possible to the location of the odor and moisture generation, so as to comply with the principle of maximum efficiency.

2, Fresh air system

As the exhaust fan air volume is very small, can only achieve local ventilation, and the time limit is short. If your home bathroom air problem is very serious, it is recommended that you should install a better effect of the new air system, to provide fresh air for the home continuously, to achieve the real sense of air circulation.

No windows, how to solve the problem of darkness?

1, Use bright colors to improve the lack of light

No windows in the bathroom poor light. When decorating the first, the first thing to note is that it is best not to use dull tones. It is recommended to use white, mild bright colors. Even the dark bathroom will not look dull. Do not use too fancy, dark wall and floor tiles, and the color should be uniform, otherwise it will make people have a sense of depression.

2. Can set more local lights

For example, the light of the washroom area, the light of the toilet area, the light of the bathing area. The appropriate installation of light sources, so that the main light source and auxiliary light source with each other, both the sense of hierarchy and bright.

No windows, how to solve the “stink”

If ventilation and humidity solution, then the bathroom is not too smelly, basically no odor. If you want to make the bathroom air fresh, you can do this.

1, Use the downpipe of the water storage bend

Every time you brush your teeth and wash your face, you can smell the odor returning from under the sink. Most of them are caused by the downpipe of the sink. Here we recommend that you, when decorating, choose the downpipe with the water storage bend. This can be isolated and sealed, so that the odor does not come up.

2, Anti-odor floor drain

Floor drain is an important interface between the drainage system and the indoor ground, as an important part of the drainage system in the house. Its performance directly affects the quality of indoor air, and is very important for the control of odor in the bathroom.

3, Bathroom aromatherapy

Bathroom due to the small space, ventilation conditions are limited. Not suitable for placing too strong smell of fragrance, should be light and sweet fruit, floral, marine odor.



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