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How to choose a shower faucet

When decorating the bathroom, you need to install a shower faucet, so that the daily bathing will be convenient. If the shower faucet is not good, there will be various problems or troubles in the daily bathing. How to choose the shower faucet? What should I pay attention to when buying a shower faucet?
First, how to buy a shower faucet?
1.See the spray effect of the shower

From the outside, the shape of the shower looks similar. When you buy it, you should see if it has a good jetting effect. A good shower can ensure that every small spray hole is evenly balanced, and it can guarantee a shower with different water pressure. The effect can be tested to see if the jet stream is even.
2. See the spray method of the shower
The interior design of the shower is also different. When choosing a hand shower, in addition to seeing the spray effect, the hand shower spray method also has the spray and massage points. The general spray method can bring more ideal. Shower comfort. Hand-held showers can be selected according to the mood of the appropriate spray mode: natural rainy, energetic massage, comfortable and warm spray, smooth and soft water column, water-saving drip. According to your mood, you can “bath” with your heart.
3. Look at the surface coating
The quality of the shower coating, in addition to affecting the quality and service life, also affects the usual cleaning and sanitation, the shower is generally chrome-plated, the good coating can be kept at 150 ° C for 1 hour, no blistering, no wrinkling, no cracking Peeling phenomenon; 24-hour acetate spray detection does not corrode. The gloss and smoothness can be seen when selecting. The bright and smooth shower indicates that the coating is even and the quality of the shower is better.
4. Shower water and water purification function
The purpose of the shower is to clean the dirt. Now the tap water contains harmful chemicals such as residual chlorine and secondary pollution during the transportation process, which is not so clean. Buying a healthy shower head is important for the health of your family. A good shower will remove residual chlorine from the water, suspend pollutants, heavy metal ions, organic micro-pollutants, and inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria and other microorganisms. Filtration, supercharged low carbon water, antibacterial, massage, and deep care for the health of you and your family.
5.See the spool of the shower
The spool affects the feel and service life of the shower. The good shower uses a ceramic spool that is smooth. The hand can be twisted when selected, and the hand feels comfortable and smooth to ensure smooth and reliable performance when the product is in use. Good bathroom products can make people feel good and relax, and alleviate the fatigue of the day. It is recommended that you take a comprehensive inspection when you choose a sanitary product, and you should carefully select it when you buy it.
Second, what should I pay attention to when choosing a shower faucet?
1. It is not recommended to use a bathtub mixer instead of a shower mixer
Shower faucets and bathtub faucets have many similarities, such as function, use environment, etc., and there are many commonalities in selecting products. The biggest difference between them is that the bathtub faucet has a lower outlet, while the shower faucet is generally not. Some shower faucets now have a lower outlet for easy washing of towels and face washing. But even then, it is not recommended to replace the shower faucet with a bathtub faucet. Because the handle of the bathtub faucet is generally horizontal, during the shower, it is very likely that the horizontal faucet is accidentally touched, causing the water temperature to rise or fall sharply. The handle of the shower faucet is generally vertical and is less prone to misuse. However, even the vertical faucet will be lifted during use, and there is still the possibility of operational errors in the narrow shower room.
2. It is recommended to use a full copper shower faucet
The process of copper faucets is now very mature, occupying a large share of the market. The true copper faucet handle, switching valve, decorative nut, wall cover, connecting nut and eccentric joint, water spout housing and other components are made of brass. After plating, it is not only beautiful and heavy, but also durable. It is necessary to ask in detail whether it is a true copper faucet, or whether the main body is made entirely of copper. In most cases, it is possible to distinguish whether it is a full copper faucet by weight and sound. The copper faucet is generally heavier and the sound is dull and low
3. To avoid thermostatic faucet in the valve core with plastic and other heat-resistant products
If you are using a thermostatic faucet, the quality of the spool is extremely important. Using a poor quality material, making a rough thermostatic valve core may cause the water temperature to be unstable during use, and more dangerous is damage, resulting in burns. Most of the thermostatic faucet spools on the market are made of pure copper or ceramics, and the core part is made of shape memory alloy springs. Under the premise of excellent process, the faucet has fast reaction speed, stable temperature and safe use. Care should be taken to avoid heat-resistant products such as plastics in the thermostatic faucet, or to use paraffin thermostats in the core. The paraffin thermostatic element is the first generation of thermostatic valve core. Its reaction speed is slow and the temperature transient overshoot is too large. It can’t be compared with the shape memory alloy spring in terms of safety or comfort.
4. The choice of thermostatic faucet must be lacking
There are three types of single control, double control and thermostatic faucet. The most used one is the single handle dual control. This kind of faucet is easy to use, simple in structure, and it is possible to adjust the water switch with eyes closed during the bathing process, so it is one of the best choices for the bathtub faucet. The double-handle faucet can be used for more occasions, such as a Jacuzzi. The thermostatic faucet is a relatively new and high-tech faucet. It is characterized by the ability to automatically control the water temperature to a relatively constant value, and the temperature can be adjusted more accurately. The choice of thermostatic faucet must be based on the principle of insufficiency. Inferior thermostats may malfunction during use, resulting in a sudden increase or decrease in water temperature, and the consequences will be more serious.
5. Do not pay too much attention to the shape, avoid using sharp angle faucet
For faucets for showers or bathtubs, try to avoid the use of square faucets with sharp corners. Such faucets may look good, but there are great safety hazards. Because if the body slips and the body touches such a pointed faucet, the risk of injury is relatively high.

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shower faucet