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Concealed shower mixer VS wall mounted shower column set

Showers are one of the must-have shower items in every household. In the past, showers were a device used to water flowers, and gradually changed to become one of the sanitary wares. Showers have different installation methods in different home designs. Xiao Bian wants to introduce to you today is a concealed shower faucet. So what is the concealed shower faucet? What are the advantages of a shower set than a wall mounted suit? VIGA’s article today will introduce you to everyone, I hope that VIGA’s article can help everyone.

Concealed shower mixer VS wall mounted shower column set

Concealed shower mixer:
The control part (spool) of the concealed shower faucet needs to be buried in the wall and connected with the hot and cold inlet pipe. The outlet pipe for supplying the shower water is also connected in the wall. After the installation, the wall only sees dark. The control panel and overhead shower with shower faucet have no extras on the wall, which can make the wall a clean and tidy flat decoration.

Advantages and disadvantages:
The overhead shower with shower is optional, and there are a variety of large-caliber shower heads, such as the 400mm large-diameter overhead shower from the German GROHE Rainshow Series, which can easily meet the needs of large-area showers. A shower experience that is irreplaceable with a shower. After the installed shower is installed on the wall, only the shower and control switch are left on the wall, which does not take up too much space in the bathroom. It is visually simple and elegant. The disadvantage is that the main part of the shower is buried in the wall when the valve core is buried. If there is a problem with the valve core after a long time of use, such as leakage of the valve plug interface, dripping of the shower, etc., the maintenance is troublesome and the wall needs to be opened. Repair or replace.

Wall mounted shower column set:
The wall-mounted shower combination is a type of shower that is used in general households. The control body of the shower, the hand-held shower, etc. are all installed on the reserved water supply port of the wall. The height of the installation is limited by the product itself. Certain limitations.

Advantages and disadvantages:
The wall-mounted shower set is usually composed of a shower faucet and a hand-held shower head. It also has a shower faucet and a shower column. The wall-mounted shower is easy to install, just leave the shower faucet and the wall with a good hot-cold water inlet. The connection is fastened and can be used after the shower rod or hand shower seat is fixed. The style is more optional than the concealed shower, and the price is cheaper than the installed shower. The disadvantage is that the control body and the water supply hose of the wall mounted shower combination are exposed to the outside of the wall, and the visual effect is not as good as the concealed shower. The shower body and the shower column also occupy part of the bathroom space.

Concealed shower faucet installation precautions

When we install a concealed shower faucet, the first thing to determine is the height of the mixing valve from the ground. Generally, before installing the concealed shower faucet, we have determined where the concealed shower faucet is installed. Then the distance between the mixing valve and the ground is generally controlled within a height range of about 90 to 100 cm. In this interval, we can also fine-tune according to our height.

The reserved silk head of the generally installed concealed shower faucet is buried in the wall tile. It is best to cover it with a decorative cover. Otherwise it will not look very beautiful. Therefore, it is best for everyone to reserve the position when laying the pipeline first, and generally consider 15mm above the blank wall, so that the silk head can be buried when the tile is finished, to ensure the beautiful appearance of the wall.

The standard spacing for the inner elbows of concealed shower faucets is generally around 10 to 15 cm. Generally, when buying a concealed shower faucet, the seller will give two adapters, so that the water inlet of the mixing valve can be well connected to the hot and cold water outlet of the wall. However, as far as possible, do not use adapters to transfer, so it is more beautiful.

If you buy a concealed shower faucet, under normal circumstances, we have to bury the sluice valve in the wall. At this time, we must pay attention to the thickness of the bathroom wall. We cannot choose the place where the wall is too thin to bury the valve core. This can not be well pre-buried. When burying the valve core, be careful not to remove the protective cover of the valve core to protect the faucet valve core. In the pre-buried, it should also pay attention to the up, down, left and right direction of the valve core to avoid burying the fault.

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