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More and more hardware industry is going abroad.

Hardware products are important products related to consumers’ daily life. They are inseparable from the people’s clothing, food, housing and transportation. After the reform and opening up, especially after standardizing the organization, they have gradually realized the rapid development of industrialization. In order to further summarize the industry development results, celebrate the important nodes of the industry development. On November 12th, the 30th Anniversary of the 5th Council and Association of the 5th China Hardware Products Association will be held in Beijing. At that time, well-known entrepreneurs, elites and big coffees from the Chinese hardware industry will gather from the whole country to the National Convention Center in Beijing to celebrate this big day in the hardware industry.
Shi Lanlan, chairman of the China Hardware Products Association, said: In the past 30 years, the Chinese hardware industry has started from the tradition and introduced new elements, making the industry grow from small to large, from weak to strong, product categories continue to grow, quality is more excellent, new technologies, new The continuous application of materials, new processes and new equipment, especially the development of the Internet and Internet of Things technologies, has brought about an upgrade in the hardware industry in all aspects of production and circulation. We will continue to strictly follow the requirements of the relevant national industrial policies, continuously adjust the structure, transfer methods, improve quality, brand, and efficiency, and create more fashionable, convenient, and practical essentials. In the future, the industry will continue to work hard and continue to move toward a new journey.

Significant achievements in industry development

According to the report of the First Council of China Hardware Products Association, in 1988, there were 7,500 production enterprises and 1.1 million employees in the light industry system, with an annual output value of 12 billion yuan and a foreign exchange earning of 600 million US dollars. The number of hardware products is large and the variety is complex. There are many small and medium-sized enterprises with collective ownership, wide distribution, poor foundation and weak technical strength. Today, 30 years later, the hardware strength has been greatly enhanced. According to incomplete statistics, in 2017, the sales of China’s hardware products industry was about 1.5 trillion yuan, the import and export volume of the whole industry was 126.02 billion US dollars, and the products were exported to more than 200 countries. And the number of enterprises above the scale of the industry has reached more than 50,000.

Over the past 30 years, with the development of the market and the expansion of the scope of use, the product categories of the hardware products industry are constantly introducing new varieties, and the categories have been continuously increased from the original three major natural industries (daily hardware, tool hardware, construction hardware) to the present. The eleven categories, namely: tool hardware, construction hardware, daily hardware, cooking utensils, locks, zippers, gas appliances, suction and exhaust hoods, stainless steel products, sanitary ware, kitchen equipment, etc., many new categories of products after the reform and opening up The advent of the world has greatly enriched the connotation of hardware products.

The quality and technical level of hardware products are also continuously improved. Especially in recent years, the use of the Internet and the Internet of Things has not only produced modern products such as smart locks and kitchens. The production process and equipment of the products have also been continuously upgraded, and automation and intelligent equipment. It has been widely used in hardware faucet manufacturers. The upgrade of technology and equipment has also improved the efficiency and precision of production, improved product quality and upgraded the consumer experience.

At the same time, a large number of brand enterprises have grown and matured: such as Wendeng Power of Tools Industry, Great Wall Seiko, Jiangsu Hongbao, etc.; Shandong Sanhuan, Guangdong Yajie, Guangdong Mingmen, Zhejiang Plum, General Motors, Neutral, Kaidi Shi, Hui Tailong, etc.; Supor, Aishida, Double Happiness in the cookware industry; Meide, Jianlang, Guoqiang, etc. in the construction hardware industry; 18th-day hardware, Feike, Xinhai, etc.; , Donglong, Zhejiang Weixing, etc….Emerging industries in the kitchen and bathroom sector, Fang Tai, Wan Jia Le, VIGA, Wan He, Boss, Vantage, Haier, Midea, Gold, Daxin, Jiu Mu, Ameco, Luda, etc… The well-known brand is well-known in the country, famous overseas, and its product quality is fully recognized by consumers.Leading the industry’s achievements.