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How to choose the showers?

Whether it’s a hot summer day or a cold winter day, standing under the shower is a rare treat. It is also at such times that the importance of the shower can be especially appreciated. At present, there are a variety of showerheads on the market, with different functions, but for the needs of most consumers, on the one hand, not only simple and practical, on the other hand, the pursuit of a rich experience, in addition to easy to clean.

Because, how do we choose the right durable shower?

A, the type of shower

(A) According to the form is divided into hand-held shower, top spray shower and side spray shower. Handheld shower has a long soft water pipe connection, can be hand-held flexible use; top spray shower mounted on the wall, fixed above the head, cannot move, but can adjust the shower angle; side spray shower is installed on the wall from the side spray, this shower generally with massage function, but the current domestic popularity is not high.

(B) According to the way the water is divided into general, massage, turbo type, strong beam type and gentle type. General type to meet the basic shower water flow required for bathing, suitable for simple and quick shower; massage type water is strong and powerful, intermittent pouring, can stimulate the body’s acupuncture points; turbo type water flow is concentrated into a water column, so that the skin has a slightly numb and slightly itchy feeling; strong beam type water flow is strong, can produce fog effect through the collision between the water flow; gentle type water is slow, can play a relaxing effect.

(C) According to the installation method is divided into open-mounted shower and concealed shower. Shower is the most common way of installation, all its piping parts are installed on the wall visible, the advantage is easy to install, easy maintenance later, the disadvantage is that it will take up bathroom space, visually unsightly, and easy to bump; concealed shower piping all hidden in the wall, from the outside can only see the shower head and switch, the biggest advantage of this installation is good-looking, and does not take up bathroom space. The disadvantage is that the construction difficulty is slightly high, the later maintenance inconvenience.

In addition, the bottoms of some showers are also equipped with faucets, can be directly out of the water, suitable for families who need to use the bath tub to give children a bath. In addition to the faucet, there is also a spray gun, which can be used to clean debris, corners and toilets, very convenient. Each family can choose the right shower according to the use of demand and bathroom installation conditions.


Second, the key indicators to pay attention to when buying and selling.

(A) look at the appearance. The smoother and brighter the surface treatment of the shower, indicating that the coating is uniform, good technology, good quality, effective dustproof and anti-fouling. The poor quality of the shower, from the surface will look rough, interface processing is not very complete, sometimes there will be gaps and even fractures.

(B) Weigh. Most of the showers on the market are divided into copper and stainless steel two. Pure copper casting to sink some, while the stainless steel is much lighter. High-quality shower in the body of the length, width and height will have a clear ratio requirements, durable, in the production of materials will choose metal, so heavier; and poor-quality shower due to streamlining materials, the ratio is obviously out of proportion, the use of relatively short time, in weight is relatively light.

(C) Check the valve core. Shower spool is the key. Common valve cores are stainless steel, copper and ceramic. From the comprehensive performance considerations, ceramic spool high temperature resistance, will not rust, air tightness is also the best, high-quality ceramic spool is made through a special process firing, extremely high hardness, service life of 200,000 times to reach national standards.

(D) Choose the hose. General handheld shower hose is a hose, there are two kinds of stainless steel and PVC material. Stainless steel hose should not be aging, long service life, cost-effective.

(E) Try the water output. A good shower, each spray hole will be very even, there will not be a large middle and small sides of the situation. In addition, the greater the diffusion of water from the spray hole, the wider the body contacts area, the more comfortable.



Third, the purchase of products to consider

(A) Water mode. Shower has a variety of water patterns, the more patterns, the higher the price, in general, choose to have 2-4 patterns can.

(B) Thermostat. Thermostatic shower spool with temperature-sensitive accessories, can automatically adjust the amount of hot and cold water intake according to changes in water temperature to achieve the set temperature.

(C) Air injection. With air injection shower, the water will be softer, like a gentle rain shower, comfort will be better.

(D) Booster function. Some high floor houses, water pressure will be insufficient; with the booster function shower can solve the problem of insufficient water pressure.

(E) Self-cleaning. With self-cleaning function of the shower, can avoid the shower outlet with scale accumulation, the shower head will not be clogged, can extend the service life.

(F) water-saving features. Shower is a very water-consuming project, buy a water-saving product certification mark issued by the China Quality Certification Center shower, you can help you save a little bit of water each month, to do more for the environment.




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