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How to furnish your bathroom?

Whether your bathroom is in length, sloped or 4 m², the best solution for optimizing your space is an organized and practical layout. Equipped with either a shower or bath, when it comes to decorating, it is totally up to you: Zen bathroom, stylish or modern. Here are tips and ideas for a successful bathroom furnishing!

Important features

  • Area
  • Configuration
  • Style
  • Decoration
  • Furniture


How to organize your bathroom?

Besides being a preparation area where your toilet needs are met, the bathroom is an intimate space where relaxation rhymes with well-being. With most people spending an average of 2 hours a day in it, the bathroom’s organization is not to be overlooked!

A renovation is a great opportunity to optimize any bathroom’s space. For this, the most important factor to consider is the area in m² and the configuration of the bathroom.

Small bathrooms and large bathroom are not on an equal footing, just in the simple availability of different sanitary amenities such as the sink, shower cubicle, bathtub etc. and furniture and accessories – columns, wardrobes, vanity unit, towel-dryers, bathrobe holders etc. It is therefore of the upmost importantce to optimize the spaceto the best of your ability in a small bathroom.

Large bathrooms are easier to install, so aesthetics and comfort can be preferred. Corner bathtub basin, dual sinks…the only limits to the layout and equipment are relative to your budget and the configuration of the bathroom.

5 Rules for a good bathroom

If you are remodeling a bathroom with a small area, be sure to consider all of these factors at the beginning of the planning stage. Do not fall into the trap of selecting the wrong size!

Successfully organizing its bathroom is dictated by a few simple rules and the feeling of a secure and tranquil space, combining well-being and aesthetics. Because a small bathroom of 4 m², 5 m² or a bathroom under the roof must be organized with purpose, follow our 5 tips for small bathrooms!

Choice of sink
Although it may seem obvious, do not choose a sink on a column in a small bathroom! The #1 rule in such a configuration is the optimization of space. Prefer a built-in sink, a vanity top or a hanging sink. Choosing the right sink becomes essential!
Shower or bathtub
Choosing a bathtub in a small bathroom reduces the floor area and may give off a feeling of confinement. Choose an open space with a walk-in shower and if the work scares you, opt for a slay-down shower tray rather than a concealed drain. If you place your shower in an angle, equip it with a door or a wall that you prefer. Screen-printed modles are not recommended as they tend to break the space’s volume. Shower cabins are easy to set up, however they occupy a large space and should be avoided in small bathrooms.

Hanging furniture

Wall-mounted furniture clears the surface to the floor in small bathrooms. If you have selected a built-in sink or column, choose a piece of furniture with clean lines in order to maximize its storage capacity. Shelves, counters, hooks and towel rails also provide increased storage possibilities without reducing the volume of the bathroom – go for a shallow depth, not exceeding 15 cm.
Promote lighting
Having low lighting reduces the feeling of space, as does the choice of dark colors. If you have a bathroom without a window, do not hesitate to add mirrors on the walls in order to enlarge the space and create light effects. Promote white, uniform, powerful lighting and, if possible, built-in spotlights – in the case of wall lights, choose thin, space-saving lamps and prefer high-level installation with a horizontal projection.
Door opening
If your bathroom door opens from the inside, change the hinges and swap to an outside opening, as you will gain precious space. If you have hanging cabinets with doors, consider changing the opening direction according to the bathroom configuration and location.



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