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VIGA teaches you how to choose good bathroom faucet products in the bathroom industry

1.Bathroom faucet purchase

Choose according to the installation situation:

If it is a single water supply, you should choose a faucet for the water inlet; if it is supplied by cold and hot water, a faucet for a water inlet cannot be used; if you often use oil and soap on your hands, you should not use it It is more convenient to choose a rotating faucet, and it is more convenient to choose a lifting faucet; if you need to quickly adjust the temperature and flow of water, it is not suitable to use a double-handle faucet.

Four methods of faucet quality inspection:

When choosing a faucet, you must first look at the surface. The smoother and brighter the surface of the faucet, the better the quality; the second turn the handle. When the faucet is turned, there is no excessive gap between the faucet and the switch. Sound, the good faucet is cast copper as a whole, the sound is dull when it is beaten; the four recognition marks, the general regular goods have the brand logo of the manufacturer.

2, bathroom shower purchase

The shower is a common shower device in the bathroom. Using it to shower is not only the most efficient, but also the most energy-saving. The shower can be divided into multiple product types according to the water outlet method, installation height, and style. When choosing, pay attention to choosing the most suitable one.

How to choose a shower: When buying a shower, first see if the spray effect is good; second, see if the surface coating is bright and smooth; then check whether the shower cartridge is made of ceramic material, smooth and non-friction; Whether the quality meets the requirements.