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VIGA teaches you why should choose a wooden bathtub.

Because of the health, comfort, and environmental advantages of wooden bathtubs, wooden bathtubs have gradually become more and more popular among people who value quality of life. But there are some questions before buying, what are the benefits of using a wooden bathtub? Will the maintenance be troublesome afterwards? This article answers each of these questions.
1. Advantage comparison:
Compared with many bathtubs used in homes today, wooden bathtubs have a very obvious advantage. It conforms to the environmental protection concept of modern people, and the materials used are all natural. So the price is a bit expensive and maintenance takes time. But its advantages are still obvious.
2. Comparison of occupied area:
If the bathroom area is less than 5 square meters and the space is not very large, then it is better not to choose a ceramic bathtub. The wooden bathtub takes up relatively little space, so it only needs about 5 square meters of space. Therefore, the choice of a wooden bathtub or a ceramic bathtub should be based on the actual situation of the family, and based on factors such as housing area, financial resources, living habits, hobbies and other factors. If your home has a separate, large enough bath space. It is recommended that such families can choose a ceramic bathtub.
3. Comparison of thermal insulation performance:
The thermal insulation performance of the wooden bathtub is relatively good. Because it uses wood, this determines the thermal insulation performance of the wooden bathtub. At normal temperature, the temperature drops only about 4 degrees after one hour. Compared with the ceramic bathtub, the advantage is very obvious. Another reason is that the wooden bathtub does not generate static electricity.
4. Comparison of anti-slip performance:
Wooden bathtubs have better non-slip properties. It is inseparable from the material used to make it. The wooden surface is not as smooth as a ceramic bathtub, so it will not slip as easily as a normal ceramic bathtub. It is very important for safety.
5. Installation comparison:
The wooden bathtub basically does not need to be installed. After buying it, you only need to choose the storage location and the water inlet. The wooden bathtub is drained by a hose at the bottom, and the general bathtub needs to be installed by professionals. At present, the installation cost requires at least several hundred dollars.
6, portability comparison:
Wooden bathtubs are easy to move. This is convenient when you need to move, or sometimes you need to move the wooden bathtub. However, the general ceramic bathtub is difficult to move, and once installed, it is difficult to move again, so it is not convenient to move.
Wooden bathtub maintenance method
1. When the wooden bathtub leaves the factory, a layer of tung oil and paint will be applied. Therefore, in the first few days of purchase, it is necessary to keep the bathroom air flowing and open the windows regularly to avoid pungent smell in the home. Painted with tung oil and paint, but not so bright and nice.
2. Water seepage will occur at the beginning of the test. This is a normal phenomenon. Soak the water for more than 12 hours to fully infiltrate the barrel, and the water seepage phenomenon of the barrel will stop.
3. Because the wood itself will expand and contract, it should not be directly exposed to the sun or blown by cold wind. If it is not used for a long time, it can be sealed in a large plastic bag after being wet to prevent air from taking away moisture.
4. It is better to put a little water when not in use to make it absorb water and keep the wood saturated and moist, but don’t use too much water, because the bathroom itself has a certain humidity. Be careful not to use the dirty water after bathing, lest the wood absorb the sewage and accelerate the aging or produce mildew.
5. There will be differences in the thickness of the wood on the barrel wall. Generally, a barrel with a barrel wall thickness of 2 cm to 3 cm is selected. The thermal insulation effect is the best.
6. After using the tub for a period of time, the iron wire fixed outside the wooden bathtub will become loose. At this time, the wooden bathtub can be inverted upside down, then the wire can be tightened, and hot water can be used.