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How to install the smart toilet lid?

The smart toilet lid originated in the United States and is used for medical and elderly care. It was initially equipped with a warm water washing function. The United States began manufacturing smart toilet lids first, and then through South Korea, Japanese bathroom companies gradually introduced technology to begin manufacturing.
Is the smart toilet lid easy to use?
From a functional point of view, the function of the smart toilet cover is almost the same as that of the smart toilet. At the same time, the smart toilet cover has the advantages that the self-competent toilet does not have: the installation is more convenient than the smart toilet, the cost performance is high, and it is suitable for secondary decoration.
In the process of user’s secondary decoration, choosing an intelligent bucket lid can save costs and avoid the waste of the original toilet. During the installation of the smart toilet lid, the most important point is to pay attention to the size and shape.
How to install the smart toilet lid?
The smart toilet cover is not suitable for all toilets. The smart toilet cover can be said to have the same function as the smart toilet. Many consumers think that as long as the smart toilet cover is bought home, you are done and you can use it as a smart toilet.
But this view is actually a misunderstanding of consumers. In fact, when choosing a smart toilet lid, you still need to pay attention to some issues. Not all toilets are suitable for installing smart toilet lids.
At present, the smart toilet lids of mainstream brands on the market are basically arc-shaped, which restricts many square toilets from being able to choose smart toilet lids, but some brands have begun to make such square smart toilet lids.
When choosing a brand’s smart toilet lid, it is often matched with the brand’s toilet, but the actual measurement is still required when choosing.
If the toilet and the smart toilet lid are not the same brand, the smart toilet lid should match the size of the toilet used in the consumer’s home.
The smart toilet cover is still very picky about the current toilets in the home. For example, the wall of the water tank to the front of the toilet must be at least 49cm. If it is less than this distance, there will be a situation where the toilet cover does not match the toilet.
Consumers need to know the size of the toilet to be paired before selecting the smart toilet lid, so as to ensure that there will be no problems in the later installation of the smart toilet lid.
Different brands of smart toilet lids have certain requirements for the size of the toilet. For example, the distance between the mounting hole on the toilet and the seat ring has certain requirements. In general, the distance between this is less than 7cm; and the two The distance between the mounting holes should be around 15cm.
During the installation process, consumers also need to pay attention to some issues. First, remove the body fixing plate of the intelligent toilet cover, and then fix the fixing plate on the toilet with screws, and then press and fix the intelligent toilet cover to the card slot. Finally, a special reminder is that the commissioning should be carried out after passing water.

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