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In addition to fashionable style, is the wall-mounted faucet really easy to use?

Let me start with the conclusion: I used it right, of course it worked.
1. What is an in-wall faucet?

The in-wall faucet is to bury the water supply pipe in the wall. The in-wall faucet directly guides the water to the wash basin/sink located below on the wall. The faucet is independent, and the wash basin/sink is also independent. The washbasin/sink does not need to consider the internal integration of the faucet, so there are more free choices in the shape, so that different spaces and environments have more diversified choices.

The location where the washbasin/sink and the faucet meet is usually the place where rust and bacteria breed the most. With separate faucets and washbasins/sinks, you don’t have to worry about cleaning these locations.

Two forms of wall-mounted faucets.

1. Single control form.

(Single switch rotates left and right to control hot and cold water, and flips up and down to control water output, water will be relatively saved)

(1) One-piece concealed faucet with single control mixing valve.

(2) Separate hidden faucet with single control mixing valve.

(3) Hidden faucet with embedded box for single control mixing valve.

This kind of built-in box not only has an extra cover on the appearance, but also has a different internal structure. The built-in box will come with a level, and the yellow box must be embedded in the wall when it is embedded.

2. Sub-control form.

The sub-control water valve hides the faucet, which means that the hot and cold water are controlled separately, the left is hot and the right is cold, and the middle is the water outlet.

(Double switch, the hot and cold water should be adjusted separately. The water flow is large when the water temperature is adjusted to the appropriate temperature, which is not very water-saving. If only hot water is used, it is easy to burn. It is not suitable for the elderly and children. More decorative)

The copper color in the picture is the embedded part.

The above are several common wall-mounted faucets. While integrating the appearance and practicality, you must not forget to save water. When buying, remember to bring a bubbler to reduce noise, prevent splashing, and save water efficiently.

Second, the advantages and disadvantages of wall-mounted faucets


1. Save space. In-wall faucets generally save space and free up space on the countertop.

2. It is easy to clean, there is no sanitary dead corner, and the cleaning is more convenient.

3. Strong decoration, can enhance the decoration of the space and make the space more tidy.


1. The price is more expensive, and the price and installation cost of the wall-mounted faucet are higher than that of the ordinary faucet.

2. Installation is troublesome, you need to ask a professional installer to install it.

3. Maintenance is troublesome. Many parts are pre-embedded in the wall, so it will be troublesome to repair once a problem occurs.

3. Precautions for installation of wall-mounted faucet.

1. Due to the concealed installation, the wall-mounted faucet must be pre-embedded with the water pipe when it is used for hydropower. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase the faucet style in advance before doing hydropower.

2. Do not remove the protective cover of the product during the construction process, so as not to damage the product.

3. Be sure to pressurize the product to test whether there is water leakage and whether the water pipe connection is correct.

4. The sundries at the connection must be removed before installation to avoid blockage or water leakage.

5. It is best to control the installation height at a height of 15~20cm above the basin/sink and 95cm~100cm above the ground.

6. If there is no problem, proceed with the process of tiling.

4. So should I choose a wall-mounted faucet?

1. The wall-mounted faucet has high appearance and can be matched with various styles according to your preferences.

2. The wall-mounted faucet has a miraculous effect when used in a compact bathroom, which can save a lot of space.

3. Everyone’s main concern for wall-mounted faucets is maintenance and water leakage. In fact, the wall-mounted faucet is similar to the shower at home, and the technology is very mature, and it is completely popular in foreign countries.

We can compare with ordinary faucets:

(1) Different connection methods: ordinary faucets are connected to the water outlet through angle valves and hoses for water supply; wall-in faucets are connected to the water outlet through embedded parts for water supply, and the embedded parts and the water outlet are installed as a whole. As far as the connection method is concerned, there are fewer steps to enter the wall faucet.

(2) Different fittings: common faucet fittings are angle valve, hose, faucet, angle valve, hose, faucet itself may cause water leakage; wall-mounted faucet fittings are embedded parts and faucet, because there is no angle valve and soft Regarding these accessories, only embedded parts and faucets may see water. If you choose a good brand, this probability will be further reduced.

The more complicated the connection method, the more connection points, the more hidden dangers. In comparison between the two, the hidden danger of the wall-mounted faucet is actually smaller.

So make a bold choice! As long as you choose a good brand and ask professionals to standardize the installation, there will be no problem.

5. How to choose a wall-mounted faucet?

1. Choose high-quality brand products and fully understand the accessories of the product before buying.

Brand recommendation: THG from France, Dornbracht from Germany, Grohe from Germany, Hansgrohe from Germany, Moen from the USA, Kohler from the USA, Roca from Spain, TOTO from Japan , China Jiumu, Wrigley, etc.

2. When purchasing a faucet, try your best to try it out. The main thing is to try whether the switch handle is smooth. You can’t just choose beautiful styles and ignore the practicability of the product.

3. The size of the wall-mounted faucet is fixed. After installation, its usefulness depends on the size of the basin/sink, bathtub, etc., so when purchasing, you must first understand the basin/sink and bathtub The distance to the wall, so that when selecting the faucet, the length of the faucet can be accurately selected. The faucet should not be close to the edge of the basin/sink or bathtub, otherwise it will affect the convenience of use.

4. When purchasing this type of faucet, it is better to choose a faucet made of copper or ceramic valve core, because it has good sealing performance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and oxidation resistance. In short, its service life is quite long.