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Inconsistent hot water in your home? Thermostatic water heater solution!

The hot water issues that once plagued me and my family were solved one by one with the exposure to renovation.

“The faucet is hot left and cold right, and adjusting the ratio of hot and cold water seems like a reasonable thing to do, but there’s probably less than a millimeter in between that’s reserved for spring-like warmth. Can’t find that just right at all, either too hot or completely cool? Taking a shower is like a song of ice and fire.”

This is caused by an older water heater.

The cause is complicated (you’re turning off the low hot water – the hot water flow is reduced – the same heating effort causes the hot water temperature to suddenly increase – 5 degrees above the set water temperature – the water heater automatically shuts off to ensure safety – and ends up with completely cold water)

Of course, we just need to know the solution.

Same answer as the question above, switch to a thermostatic gas water heater and thermostatic shower/faucet (called a mixer if you’re a professional).

Thermostatic gas water heaters have taken over most of the market and are preferred for new home renovations.

As a reminder, thermostatic showers/faucets (mixers) are full of precision parts inside and are very fragile, so we recommend buying the expensive ones.

“Do I still use a thermostatic water heater in my house or do I have a bad water temperature adjustment?”

That could be due to the mixing valve and water heater being really far apart and the delayed feedback. Or maybe the mixing valve is too low quality and it’s time for a new one.

“Do I still need a thermostatic shower when I use a thermostatic water heater?”

Both are recommended.

The thermostatic water heater can ensure a steady output of hot water, but it cannot guarantee a balanced distribution when more than one person in the house uses hot water. For example, a classmate’s house a water heater connected to a number of places in need of hot water, Xiaoa in the shower, her husband also needs hot water to wash his face: the water heater needs to supply hot water on both sides – Xiaoa shower hot water flow reduced – shower water temperature lower. Double insurance is recommended if you want to take a relaxing bath.

If you will always be the only one using water in your house and the water pressure in the community is stable enough, then in this case only a thermostatic water heater will suffice.

“You need to connect two pots of cold water before each wash to produce hot water.”

The reason for the slow delivery of hot water – mainly because the water pipes are “stored” to cool.

We need to solve the problem of heating the “stored” water.

One of the solutions is to use a water heater with a circulation system to see how it works.

A recirculating pump pumps stored water back into the water heater and repeats the cycle of heating, ensuring that there is always hot water in the pipes.

Except that this solution is a bit wasteful – not to mention the cost of the extra long water line pipes when the circulation pump is constantly working and heating 24 hours a day. But the second hot water is a great time saver, and half of NDya’s customers have already opted for a recirculating water heater.

There is also a very good way, the price will be much cheaper.

When you use the water, the “stored water” in the pipes is injected into KitchenAid to heat the water. When the hot water from the water heater flows into the KitchenAid, the KitchenAid will no longer heat the water, which guarantees hot water in seconds.

As a reminder that instant hot KitchenAid is generally more powerful, if you use this option, you will need to leave 4 square feet of line ahead of time.

“What types of hot water are available and how do I choose?”

Draw a gas water heater first and write the words gas water heater below. Pros can be shown with a smiley face and cons can be shown with a crying face.

The three most common are.

Gas water heaters

Advantages: stable heat supply

Cons: A bit fussy, can only be installed near the kitchen and needs to be in a window position. Because it needs to be connected to gas and also vent co.

Storage water heater

Pros: Super stable

Disadvantages: hot water is limited, if you have a bathtub at home can never consider; water storage inside a large amount of scale, not to mention drinking, washing dishes are taboo.