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The home has an air heater and saves a lot of water every month, so that’s what was installed?

Recently, I had a message from a friend of mine who had a water return installed in his air heater. The whole house can have a water heater supply and is very comfortable using water in the house in the winter. I’m sure many of you don’t know what comes with this little thing. Is it worth adding it or not? The next step is to introduce you to the water return device.

Install a return device near the air water heater, just need to open the faucet, hot water will flow out of it, every month can save a lot of water bills.We all know that near the water heater, the closer the hotter the hot water, too far away, then the water becomes cold, but we did not find out what the reason is, in fact, is that the hot water through the distance need to drain off the cold water in the pipeline, will flow out of hot water to, in which the waiting process takes a few minutes, consume too much water, resulting in additional costs.If you install a water backflow device in your home now, it can play a big role, which can save a lot of money. Back to the water device is also called hot water up to the device, hot water circulation pump and other appellations, is a kind of can let the faucet immediately hot water system, he only needs to spend a small amount of electricity, to play hot water constant temperature effect of water.

Before using the water return unit, you only need to set the temperature once in advance. After that, you only need to adjust the temperature according to the user’s needs on the line, without having to adjust the hot water temperature, the user set the temperature before, just need to adjust the temperature they want on the line, and then the hot water pipe temperature is lower than the temperature of the return device, the return device will work to ensure that the water temperature can reach the user’s ideal temperature. In fact, this water return device to put it succinctly, is able to implement the whole house hot water constant temperature supply.Many people think that the installed water back device will waste more electricity, in fact, not, the water back device itself with automatic early open function, do not need 24 hours switch on and off, the user does not need to adjust the water back device, secondly, the water back device is also based on user demand developed products, users do not need to operate the water back device too much, the water back device will naturally be a little higher than the usual electricity consumption, but and did not install the water back system before the waste of water costs, in fact, is proportional.

See here friends, in fact, the water back device is not so family can be installed, the installation of water back device prerequisite is the need to install the return pipe, generally speaking, many families in the renovation before the installation of the return pipe, you can use this water back device, on the contrary, no installation of the family to install the water back device is useless, the operation is quite troublesome.