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Let you know more about VIGA

For the brand of VIGA, it has been heard for a long time. It has a history of more than 10 years at home and abroad, and has a good reputation in the industry.

I went to the foreign market for inspection that year and I was lucky enough to marry the VIGA “Deity.” Basin faucet, kitchen faucet, bathtub faucet…..The products displayed in the exhibition hall

are like a dazzling array of artworks, especially the light and clean washbasin. I was thinking at the time that such a good brand would be popular if it was put in the country.

Before I met VIGA, I never paid much attention to the power of “culture”, but now I regard brand culture as the foundation of everything. The power of culture is enduring and full of charm. It

attracts consumers’ high spiritual recognition of the brand, thus creating brand beliefs and then forming strong brand loyalty.

Integrity and pragmatism, quality first, customer satisfaction, environmental care… In many business ideas, VIGA is more impressed by the philosophical concept of bathroom connotation.

Enterprises that actively undertake social responsibility are more competitive and vital. VIGA understands this principle and actively raises the banner of social responsibility while creating


Seriously researched VIGA products, from product design to service experience, all reflect the concept of “more human care, less waste of water”. Although these so-called ideas are common, they

will be deeply shocked when you feel it.

In the news report, I have experienced the style of VIGA leaders. The most impressive thing is that “VIGA has always hoped that the employees cultivated by the company can be highly

respected by customers with their high professionalism.” As can be seen from the expectations of the leaders, this is a company worthy of entrustment.

If VIGA’s brand culture makes me emotionally resonate, then the research on its products is a reassurance for me. Undoubtedly, product quality is the guarantee for the fundamental and long-

term development of the company based on the market. For dealers, product quality is the foundation of survival. Every product is handed over to consumers, and it must be trusted by others,

and it must not be worthy of its own signboard.

So I walked into the VIGA production workshop and witnessed the grinding of one piece of the product. From grouting, drying, glazing, firing, to molding, polishing and plating, and finally to the

installation of accessories, a complete product is presented in front of me. I am like Liu Wei who entered the Grand View Garden. The management of the factory told me that VIGA’s entire plant

uses European production equipment and uses the world’s most advanced pulse-type multi-function computer temperature controlled shuttle kiln and fully automatic high temperature tunnel kiln.

In terms of surface technology, VIGA inherits Italian classical style and advanced technology, and is committed to the pursuit of fine lines and smooth and comfortable touch. Treating every

bathroom product is like creating flawless artworks. CUPC certification, NSF certification, ISO certification, BSCI certification… Each certification honor is the hard work of VIGA for many years.