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More humanized brand in the hardware industry–VIGA

For many people, the bathroom is a beautiful day. What kind of bathroom products to choose, what kind of decoration to do, is not the same for different people. The Tao Tao Sanitary Ware, which was established in 2012, has a clearer positioning for the development of the brand – to make the brand of the more grounded people.
People’s brands, as the name implies, are brands that enable more people to afford consumers. At present, VIGA bathroom has a full range of products such as basin faucet, kitchen faucet, bathtub faucet and shower set, which can fully meet the decoration needs of bathroom space. More grounded gas indicates that VIGA has its own considerations in pricing, they maximize the cost performance of the product, and position their target consumer groups.
Peter Kuang, general manager of VIGA bathroom marketing, said that they will lock the price of the three main bathroom products (basin faucet, kitchen faucet, bath faucet) necessary for the bathroom between 100-500 yuan, the end consumer in this price range. It is the group of people they want to serve. According to Peter, the true national sanitary ware brand in this price range is currently lacking. In the competition of this market segment, some enterprises focus on brand advantages and are destined to have higher price positioning; some enterprises pursue price advantage and it is difficult to do brand protection. Such brands will be more competitive if they need to do both product quality and price protection.
Around the brand positioning of VIGA Sanitary Ware, Peter has adopted a different business model in product planning and channel construction. For example, for product planning, Peter will pay more attention to the overall combination of the three categories of the basin, kitchen, bath hardware and the explosion of various products and humanized details. Taking VIGA’s bathroom cabinet as an example, Peter asked the designer and developer of the bathroom cabinet to fully consider the target consumer’s usage habits, bathroom size, style difference, color matching and other issues, and the entire bathroom space to meet the functions through different materials. Based on the professional choice of style/color, it can even be customized according to the customer’s ideas and actual size, so that customers can truly achieve branded products and services. After doing so, it can better satisfy consumers’ choice of more cost-effective and more personalized, personalized service. In the construction of the channel, Peter also maximizes the interests of distributors and consumers by intensively focusing on key markets and manufacturers to jointly promote win-win results. For example, according to their actual business conditions, they have sent business teams to help customers deposit VIGA sales outlets into county-level markets and township markets, so that distributors and consumers can directly connect factories. This seems to be a simple The move, but for the factory’s sales and service team, put forward higher requirements, requiring them to serve customers more finely, and also requires members of the team to have strong business capabilities.
At present, VIGA bathroom has been in the terminal for 10 years, and continues to optimize the brand V image. The terminal store has a more mature store display image and sales system. Although the overall market trend of the bathroom market in 2019 is low, many dealers have VIGA bathroom products and services have expressed affirmation and recognition. In particular, some dealers realized that after operating a sanitary ware with a unified image and unified products, they not only can get the consumers’ affirmation, but also provide more brand confidence in their subsequent operations.