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Recommending 3 practical kitchen faucets to make your kitchen clean and comfortable

Faucets are indispensable sanitary ware. For faucets, durability is particularly critical. With the advancement of technology, the functions and performance of faucets in the building materials market are becoming more and more diverse. A practical faucet, let’s understand it together.
For kitchen faucets, there are many aspects to the definition of ease of use. For example, effective faucet function, or reasonable faucet design. In terms of function, first of all, the design of the product needs to meet the characteristics of use in the kitchen, and give specific optimization transformation. In terms of humanized design, the leading products also have to achieve practical functional characteristics from a reasonable angle according to the actual environment.
The traditional and common kitchen faucets are mostly based on the gooseneck design. The design angle is to meet the needs of some higher and deeper kitchen utensils. It is more convenient to clean. With the emergence of the kitchen sink with double basin design, the rotatable movable water outlet neck was also born.
Recommended products: brass in-wall single cold water faucet
The biggest feature of the practicality of the design of the wall-mounted single cold water faucet is its flexibility. Within a certain range, the body and the spout can achieve 360° rotation of water. Whether it is used for double basins or simple The cleaning of vegetables and fruits has a good use function.
The design of the product is not only elegant and concise, the wall-mounted design and folding function can solve the characteristics of space occupation, and can effectively avoid the disadvantages of bumping and space obstruction in the basin space.
Comments: The product breaks through the traditional design, with a unique wall-mounted installation, and a convenient and flexible foldable design, which can save a lot of activity areas for the limited kitchen space and the problem of sanitary dead ends. The flexible way of water supply meets the needs of the kitchen.

Recommended products: hot and cold pull-out faucet
The hot and cold pull-out faucet adopts the unique pull-out faucet design, and the expansion and contraction range of the outlet nozzle can reach 20-30cm, which can meet the needs of a large range of use.
In addition, in terms of water output, the product has two functions of water output, including sparkling water and shower water, which meets the needs of kitchen water conveniently, and a soft bubbler is added to make the faucet more prominent in water saving function. .
Comment: A variety of different water outlet modes are very suitable for solving the different water use functions and usage needs of the kitchen. The shower water is effective in cleaning vegetables and fruits. It is difficult to clean the wrinkles, and the soft bubble water will be even better for cleaning dishes after meals.

Recommended products: rotatable single handle pull-down kitchen faucet
The rotatable single-handle pull-out kitchen faucet is based on humanized functional characteristics in product development. The spout equipped with the function of the product can be stretched at will to meet the water area that can be reached in the kitchen living space and flexible.
The kitchen faucet is expressed in the form of a shower in the form of water, which is used to clean vegetables and fruits, and places where pots and bowls are difficult to reach. In the function of environmental protection and water saving, by injecting air bubble water, it can effectively save 30% of the effluent flow. In addition, it can prevent splashing and improve the comfort of the water flow.
Comment: The rotatable single-handle pull-out kitchen faucet is the same as the ordinary faucet in appearance, but it has many functions that other ordinary kitchen faucets cannot match. Whether it is used in small kitchens or large kitchens, the products can have excellent performance.

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