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What kind of stainless steel 304 faucet and brass faucet is easy to use?

Is the stainless steel 304 faucet easy to use? The faucet is an indispensable hardware in the kitchen and bathroom decoration. When buying, the faucet will be compared with each other and selected. So, which is better, stainless steel 304 faucet and brass faucet? Below, I will give you an analysis of the quality of these two faucets.

1. Stainless steel 304 faucet


1. Compared with brass, stainless steel 304 faucet is harder and tougher.

2. Stainless steel is very durable, hygienic and environmentally friendly due to the addition of other metals, and it also has many benefits for human health.

3. Stainless steel has strong corrosion resistance and alkali resistance, and will not release any harmful metal substances.

② Disadvantages:

1. Because the hardness of stainless steel is very large, the production and processing technology of stainless steel is much more difficult than copper; the loss of its production is also very large, the tightness needs to be strengthened, and the price is not cheap.

2. Although stainless steel is said to never rust, there are many counterfeit stainless steel products on the market. After using this type of stainless steel products for a period of time, rust will appear. Therefore, we must choose stainless steel hardware of big brands, so as to be more secure.

3. The stainless steel industry is still in the development stage, and some manufacturers will add some toxic heavy metals to the production and processing to meet the hardness and strength standards. Although it has not been clearly checked how long these heavy metals will precipitate out when immersed in water, everyone still has to pay attention to them.

2. Brass faucet


1. The chemical properties of brass itself are more stable than stainless steel, acid and alkali resistance, no worse than stainless steel; long service life and very durable.

2. The brass texture is relatively softer than stainless steel and has a low melting point, so the plasticity is very strong. Today, the market is very skilled in copper processing technology, and the cost has reached a controllable level, and it can be recycled.

3. The shape of brass is very variable, and it can also be customized by yourself, whatever you want.

4. The superior brass can kill 99% of the bacteria in the tap water, so there is no need to worry about the harm of the overnight water; its super-hardness will burst even if it is tens of degrees below zero, and the external bacteria cannot invade.

② Disadvantages

Brass will produce patina after long-term use; and inferior copper faucets will produce lead.

Summary of the article: The above is the whole content of stainless steel 304 faucet and brass faucet. Both faucets are products that can’t be found. Everyone must purchase and purchase according to their actual situation. Choices based on local conditions can bring convenience to life!

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