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Seven Years Of Experience To Tell You, The Intelligent Toilet In The End Is Good?

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In the era of increasing technological development, the

A wide range of intelligent products have occupied most of the home market, the

Intelligent toilets have gradually entered most Chinese families.

It has become a new trend of chasing quality life.

Compared with ordinary toilets, the

Smart toilets do bring more comfortable experience.

But if the actual purchase of the use of the words

Do you still have a lot of worries?

Smart toilet maintenance and how to do it?


A, intelligent toilet vs ordinary toilet

General ordinary toilet has the characteristics of the smart toilet can have. Intelligent toilet relative to the ordinary toilet, with more more humane features. For ordinary users, the use of more convenient and comfortable. Not to mention that for some special groups of people, such as the elderly, people with mobility problems, smart toilets can bring them greater convenience. So

What are the differences between the two?

01. Performance comparison

Ordinary toilet: the ordinary toilet only has a simple flushing drainage function, can not completely remove the bacteria on the toilet seat. Toilet wall and seat often have dander, hair and invisible pollutants residue.

Intelligent toilet: intelligent toilet in addition to the traditional toilet has the sewage function, there are seat heating, hip cleaning, automatic deodorization, warm air drying and other functions, and has a special remote control device.

02. Environmental protection comparison

Ordinary toilet: the use of ordinary toilets require 8-12 liters of water each time, plus the need to use toilet paper after the toilet. It is not an environmentally friendly choice.

Intelligent toilet: Intelligent toilet only consumes less than 6 liters of water per flush. Automatic cleaning and drying after the toilet, no paper towel wipe, more water saving and environmental protection.

03. Safety comparison

Ordinary toilet: the ordinary toilet function is less but safety is guaranteed, generally there is no security risks. The toilet produced by regular manufacturers basically have quality assurance.

Intelligent toilet: intelligent toilet has seat heating, automatic flushing and other functions, but these are built on the basis of electricity. Long time not used but always energized, it is likely to have leakage, short circuit and other situations. So be sure to choose carefully and try to use the product with full certification.

In addition, the intelligent toilet also has the following functions.

Washing function will be cleaned after the toilet, with a good role in eliminating viruses, bacteria and so on. A variety of flushing mode to effectively remove dirt.

There is also a massage function. Its unique warm water and warm air cleaning and drying, can stimulate capillaries to promote blood circulation. Long-term use can also prevent constipation, hemorrhoids and other diseases.

B, the smart toilet five major points of purchase

Selection of intelligent toilet, many people do not know which aspects to consider. In fact, the main look at the following five aspects.

01. Look at the drainage capacity, choose siphon drainage

Drainage capacity can be said to be a hard indicator of the toilet!

The toilet drainage method on the market is mainly divided into direct flush and siphon two. The direct flush type directly smashed down with water, the need for a large water tank to take up space. This is easy to splash, and noisy. The siphon type relies on the water pressure difference and flushing force together to drain. It is fast and accurate, and the noise is also small.

02. Focus on product materials, choose antibacterial glaze

Over the years, domestic and foreign to solve the toilet hanging dirt, bacteria reproduction and other problems. It is not only in the drainage method, pipe design, countries have also developed a variety of clean glaze. For example, ultra-smooth glaze, nano-composite glaze, water-enhancing film technology, titanium dioxide coating, etc. For example, Kohler’s wise clean glaze, nine mu’s Shu clean glaze and self-cleaning glaze, etc., all belong to the category of ultra-smooth glaze.

Clean glaze compared to the traditional glaze, it has fewer surface defects, high brightness, not easy to hide dirt and grime. Many production plants, first-line brands will also add silver ions on the basis of ultra-smooth glaze, making the toilet with independent antibacterial, antibacterial effect.

Many diseases such as hepatitis, intestinal infections, dysentery and other diseases are transmitted through feces. We should not only wash our hands before meals and after pooping, but also try to choose products with antibacterial and antimicrobial efficacy to prevent bacteria from attacking.

03. Heating choice – instant hot type

Want to choose a good intelligent toilet in the wash function, first of all, the water temperature is hot. The mainstream heating methods are instant heat, storage heat two. Buy instant heat models!

Storage heat is the toilet tank in a heating tube, 24h power consumption heat. Because it is not flowing water, in the long run, breeding bacteria, precipitation gutter, making the toilet more and more dirty.

The instant hot type uses flowing water, which is hot and ready to use, saving electricity and worry, and greatly reducing the breeding of bacteria.

04. Focus on comfort and ergonomics

Whether the toilet is comfortable to use is also an important consideration in the purchase of products. Whether comfortable, mainly to see whether the product design is ergonomic, such as the toilet seat is comfortable to sit on. When shopping, you can try to sit on the spot.

05. High safety standards, good after-sales service

As a complex intelligent furniture, the safety of the smart toilet can not be ignored.

When choosing a smart toilet, the first thing you need to confirm is whether he has reached the use of standards, whether there is a power-off protection and automatic power-off function.

Smart toilets are technological products, maintenance is very troublesome. When buying, be sure to ask about the warranty period and detailed terms. The best choice to provide one-stop installation, after-sales service brand products.

C, the use and maintenance of intelligent toilets

In addition to buy, how to extend the life of the product is also the key. Intelligent toilet maintenance up to pay attention to the following points.

01. Bathroom do wet and dry partition

Smart toilet is an electric product, the best products with electricity do not touch the water. Therefore, the installation of intelligent toilet bathroom, it is best to do a good wet and dry partition. At the same time to protect the intelligent toilet power socket, to prevent water splashed on it.

02. Long-term non-use need to turn off the power

If not used for a long time, the toilet power must be turned off, so as to avoid the toilet in the moisture, electricity caused by improper use of the circuit board, resulting in spontaneous combustion.

03. Daily attention to proper maintenance

Daily attention to clean the toilet, but do not use water to rinse the surface and back of the intelligent toilet, in order to prevent electric shock and short-circuit and other accidents. Do not use detergent on the surface and back of the toilet. In addition, do not put lit cigarettes and other burning materials into the smart toilet.

Smart toilet maintenance tips.

1, do not knock, step on the sanitary ware.

2, close the toilet lid do not speed fierce.

3, please use water to gently and softly wipe the ceramic sanitary ware. Do not use abrasive effect or strong (acid and alkali) detergents, solvents, etc. cleaning toilet and tank accessories, so as not to cause damage to the surface of the product and accessories.

4、Detergent poured into the toilet, do not immediately close, apply water rinse and close.

5, do not use high temperature water to scald the sanitary ware.

6, the electronic eye of the intelligent toilet to avoid flushing with water to prevent the possible occurrence of wet water induction circuit board or electrical short circuit.

7, the product in the process of use, if the operation according to the instructions still can not handle the situation, should promptly contact the local agent or manufacturer for professional maintenance, do not take the initiative to cause accidental damage.



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