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Squat toilet or closestool which is healthier?

With the prevalence of closestools in recent years, more and more family bathrooms are giving up squatting pits and installing closestools. So is it better to install a squat toilet or a closestool in the bathroom?


When we go to the toilet, the squat toilet will not have direct contact with our body, which also reduces the probability of disease transmission; the closestool needs direct contact, which not only increases the probability of disease transmission, but also allows us Of users feel uncomfortable.

In terms of price

The price of the squat toilet is very affordable compared to the closestool.

Practical aspects

If it is practical, the closestool is more comfortable, and there will be no leg numbness for a long time.

Functional aspects

There are various styles of closestools, and the functions of massage, scrubbing, and heating have also been added to successfully grab users’ hearts and attract users to purchase. The squat toilet has a single style and a single function.

The advantages of the closestool:

  1. For elderly people at home, the closestool is more practical and safe without worrying about falling legs.
  2. Compared with the squat pit, the closestool is more water-saving, and the installation is more convenient and convenient.

Disadvantages of the closestool:

  1. The price of the closestool is higher than that of the squat toilet, and the maintenance cost is relatively high.
  2. The closestool needs direct contact, which not only increases the probability of disease transmission, but also makes our users feel uncomfortable, which is unhygienic compared to squat toilets.

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The advantages of squatting toilet:

  1. In terms of price, squatting toilets are much cheaper than closestools, maintenance is also very convenient, and maintenance costs are relatively low.
  2. Many people have been accustomed to squatting toilets since ancient times. It will not have direct contact and is relatively healthier.
  3. For small families, the indoor area is limited. If the squat toilet is installed in the shower area, the area of the bathroom can be saved. Unlike the closestool, a certain space is required.

Disadvantages of squat toilet:

  1. It is inconvenient for the elderly and children. Because when using the squat pit, the legs bear the weight, and it is easy to cause leg numbness.
  2. It is more troublesome and complicated to install. If it is not a sinking bathroom, you need to raise the ground or dig a pit during installation, which invisibly increases the engineering volume.

Squat toilet or closestool which is healthier? - Blog - 2

After understanding their advantages and disadvantages, we also need to choose according to different apartment conditions and toilet habits.

Just from the perspective of space utilization, placing the closestool on the toilet will have a greater impact on the space layout, and the squatting toilet will have a relatively small impact on the space after being installed. For small bathrooms, the squatting toilet It will be a more space-saving option.

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