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Talking To The World With Good Design: Coma Smart Toilet Won The International Design Award.

Talking To The World With Good Design: Coma Smart Toilet Won The International Design Award.

The Red Dot Award originates from Germany and is internationally recognized as one of the top awards for global industrial design. It has high visibility and authority, and is known as one of the “Oscars of the design world” awards.

Germany Red Dot Award



Bold exploration

International Recognition of Productivity

As the world’s largest and most influential design competition, the Red Dot Award is judged on the most demanding criteria. Some of the selection criteria include the following.

Recently, the results of the 2022 Red Dot Award have been released, among which COMA has successfully made the list with its IRIS and PAX, both of which are products that combine value and innovation.

Coma, as a benchmark company in the smart toilet industry, has put a lot of effort in the degree of innovation of its products. Its continuous product power has made Coma’s products the favored choice of 3 million households. The award not only means that Coma has gained more authoritative international recognition, but also means that Coma is further on the road of internationalization!



The artisanal design perfectly fits the quality demand

The wall-mounted intelligent toilet belongs to the famous online player. Because it takes up less space, it is loved by more and more people.



IRIS wall row intelligent toilet has a hanging appearance of minimalist and exquisite, and has received attention from the industry. The one-touch knob on the right side of the product provides users with a more convenient way to take care of their daily functional needs. This demonstrates Coma’s bold spirit of exploration and innovation~

Artisanal Design

The Realm of Simplicity

Aesthetics of Suspension

IRIS solves the painful point of flushing noise of traditional wall-mounted intelligent toilets in the market. As the water tank is hidden inside the wall, it can effectively reduce the noise when flushing and more exquisite simple shape. It creates a 360° sanitation-free dead space so that you can clean it more easily. Its one-touch knob function brings a convenient toilet experience. iris makes life simple!



The new generation PAX is a flat version of the look. Its minimalist shape and unique appearance differentiate it from the smart toilets on the market, conveying a simple and pure product concept. In terms of use scenarios, it is suitable for a variety of use scenarios such as Japanese simplicity, Chinese luxury, modern fashion and European elegance, meeting the strict requirements of the Red Dot Award for product aesthetics.

In terms of innovative performance, PAX is equipped with the first magic law washing and one-touch knob technology. It fully meets the demand of “tailor-made” from the perspective of meeting the functional needs of different users and practical functions.


Crafted design

Magic law washing technology

11 cleaning modes

Enjoy SPA-level experience at home

PAX solves the traditional pain point of single cleaning mode and sudden hot and cold water discharge of intelligent toilet in the market. It carries the world’s first Molu cleaning technology and provides users with 11 kinds of safe and comfortable SPA-level water experience. It is also the ultimate in people’s real need to get hot water quickly and can provide a more stable use experience. Everything is just right with PAX!

Both the Red Dot Award and the iF Award represent the recognition of Coma by the international design community.

Coma has always adhered to the product standard of “practical and beautiful”.


Coma’s high demands do not stop there. From the assembly of the core components to the boxing of the finished product, their products are tested in the laboratory for high intensity and high-frequency life limits. They are subjected to strict quality control, layers and layers of control. They hold themselves to extremely high standards in terms of styling quality and durability.

For 15 years, Coma is based on the real needs of people. From every step of the way, they create practical products with a “human touch”. How to give it to more people to provide a better and better warm experience is the goal from the beginning to the end. As a more professional intelligent toilet brand, it has been constantly using new technology to bring consumers a better experience!



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