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The advantages and disadvantages of the thermostatic faucets

Thermostatic faucets have a thermal element inside, this element controls the spool to block or open the hot and cold water in and out, in the blocking of cold water at the same time open the hot water, until the water temperature reaches the regulation of the set temperature, that is, by controlling the proportion of hot and cold water to achieve constant temperature.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of thermostatic faucets

1, the advantages of constant temperature faucet

(1) simple and convenient

Thermostatic faucet is simple to use, the left side of the faucet represents hot water, the right side represents cold water, the middle is the normal water temperature. Only need to turn the faucet, you can adjust to the appropriate water temperature. The thermostatic tap can be adjusted to the right temperature according to the water temperature when in use, and there is no need to re-water the tap after it has been dispensed, making it easy to use.

(2) Protection of water pipes

The use of thermostatic taps can effectively protect the water pipes, as the temperature of the water released from the thermostatic tap is just right and will not scald the pipes, ensuring the normal service life of the pipes.

(3) Save water

The use of thermostatic faucet is very economical water, it is by hot and cold water into good warm water, the temperature is not cold and not hot, no matter laundry or washing dishes are very suitable, save a lot of water resources.


2, the disadvantages of thermostatic faucet

Constant temperature faucet also has disadvantages, in the installation to pay special attention, if the installation of the wrong use is very troublesome. In addition, if the water quality at home sediment more, also not suitable for use of this faucet.

The purchase method of thermostatic faucet

1, look at the faucet appearance

A good faucet surface is clean and spotless, no plating flowers, pinholes, sand eyes and other defects. Good faucet plating thicker, bright colour, on the contrary, thin plating faucet, gray colour.

2, touch the faucet surface

The surface of the faucet should be no burr, gently move the handle, should be light and flexible, no sense of obstruction, check whether the parts assembly is tight, no loose.

3, check the accessories

Check whether the supporting parts of the faucet are complete, common faucet spare parts are hose, rubber washers, shower, to water, abductor, decorative cap, etc.






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