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The correct cleaning method can make bathroom products more durable

Glass cleaning

The mirrors and window glass in the bathroom are prone to watermarking and become blurred under long-term contact with water vapor, and choosing a correct cleaning method can achieve a good cleaning effect under the premise of maintaining glass. For example, using a spray-type glass cleaner or wiping with an old newspaper can remove all stubborn dirt under the premise that the glass is as bright as ever.

Faucet cleaning


Unlike glass, the faucet in the bathroom is a device that is constantly exposed to shower gel, shampoo, and dishwashing liquid. It is very susceptible to the influence of various cleaning products and becomes dull. Therefore, in the cleaning and maintenance of the faucet, you can use a soft cotton cloth dipped in neutral detergent to wipe the faucet every week, and never use steel wire or acidic cleaner to wipe the faucet, so as not to cause damage.

Toilet cleaning

Regarding toilet maintenance, you can use 5-10 ml of cleaning agent or hydrochloric acid in daily life. After cleaning the toilet, pour it into it, then apply evenly and brush it again.

Or you can clean and maintain our toilet in the following ways:

1. Please gently wipe with clean water, do not use abrasives or strong (acid and alkali) cleaning agents, solvents, etc. to clean toilet and water tank accessories, so as not to cause damage to the product surface.
2. Do not turn off the detergent when it is poured into the toilet. It should be turned off after washing with water.
3. Do not use high-temperature water to wash the sanitary ware.
4. The electronic eye of the smart toilet should avoid washing with water to prevent the possible occurrence of moisture in the sensing circuit board or short circuit of electrical appliances.
5. In the process of using the product, if there is still a situation that can not be handled according to the instructions, you should contact the local agent or manufacturer for professional maintenance in a timely manner. Do not claim to cause accidental damage.
6. After separating the seat ring and seat cover according to the correct method, the contaminated parts can be thoroughly cleaned. When cleaning, wipe with a soft cloth wrung out of water. Do not wipe with detergent or chemicals to avoid damage to parts. After cleaning, reinstall it.
7. When there is dirt blocking the inlet filter, it may cause insufficient flushing water pressure, so it should be cleaned regularly. Use a toothbrush or small brush to clean the dirt.
8. Press the nozzle to clean the parts, the nozzle extends, and gently brush with a toothbrush.
9. Clean the deodorizing box and deodorizing suction port, if there is still an odor, please replace the deodorant; when there is dust or other attachments in the deodorizing box and deodorizing suction port, the amount of air inhaled will be reduced, You can use a toothbrush or a small brush to clean the dust.

Anti-seepage and anti-mildew measures

Considering that the bathroom walls are mostly made of ceramic tiles, in order to ensure long-term cleanliness and brightness, in daily maintenance, you can choose a multi-purpose decontamination paste for cleaning. For the gaps between the tiles, you can use a toothbrush dipped in a small amount of decontamination paste to remove, and then use a brush to brush the tile gaps with a waterproof agent to prevent leakage and mildew.

Bathroom deodorized

Long-term use of the bathroom will inevitably produce a little odor, so it is important to remove the odor in time to avoid affecting daily life. Specifically, it can use potted plants or a class of elegant fragrance to improve the air.


1. In order to ensure the durability of the product, please handle it gently during use and operation.
2. Wipe as much as possible to avoid contact with alkaline substances.
3. When the surface has dust and dirt that is not easy to remove, it can be washed with soap, weak detergent, and warm water.
4. The surface is stained with oil or lubricating oil. Wipe clean with a cloth and then clean with a neutral detergent or special detergent.
5. The trademarks and films on the surface are cleaned with warm water and detergent. The adhesive components are cleaned with alcohol or an organic solution.
6. When cleaning, do not use hard steel balls, chemical agents or steel brushes to scrub, use a soft cloth or soft towel with clean water, or use a neutral detergent.
7. When the water tap is not used for a long time, please close the main water valve.

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