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The most complete faucet and bathroom product purchase strategy in history

How to buy bathroom products, this is a knowledge! Here is a list of information that is beneficial to your purchase of bathroom products. I hope the following introduction will enable you to purchase satisfactory products. 1: Toilet The following factors should be considered when choosing a toilet: gloss: products with higher gloss, the higher the density, the easier it is to clean. Porcelain: The quality of porcelain is directly related to the life of the toilet. The higher the firing temperature is, the more uniform the porcelain is. Flushing function: The flushing of the toilet depends directly on the design of the pipe, and it is also related to the height of the water level of the water tank and the water parts. Modern popular flushing methods include straight flushing and siphoning. The straight-punching pipe has a large diameter, and the flushing force is not easy to block. The siphon type uses the principle of vacuum to drain the water and then replace it with less water. Water items: The quality of the water items determines whether the toilet is in normal use, and more than 90% of the problems appear on the water items. When purchasing, be sure to check the water parts carefully. It is best to install them before leaving the factory to see whether the structure is compact, whether the movable connection parts are sensitive and reliable, and whether the water sealing part is flat. The water material is preferably copper or polymer material. If conditions permit, it is better to be Swiss Geberit Water. Water saving: In line with the concept of water saving and environmental protection, 6 liters of flushing is a trend, and 3/6 liters of two grades are effective. Installation and service: whether it is equipped with sealing ring, triangle valve, etc., whether it is installed, whether to provide after-sales service, the brand water parts are guaranteed for 3 years, and the normal use of ceramic products within 5 years does not cause quality problems. 2: The basin ceramic basin has high and uniform firing temperature, strong resistance to rapid cooling and rapid heating, is not easy to crack, and has a high cost performance. According to the size of the bathroom, you can choose the column basin, above counter basin, under counter basin or art basin. Column basin: It is composed of columns and basins. It is usually space-saving and suitable for small toilets. Counter Basin: The choice of counter basin is mainly based on the flatness of its glaze, but also depends on whether the water is removed and whether the faucet is empty. Art basin: embody individualism, the choice is to consider the matching effect with other products. 3: Bathroom Cabinet In addition to considering the size, style and color, the following factors should be considered in the purchase of the bathroom cabinet: moisture-proof, waterproof, and mothproof, so the quality of the material directly affects the quality of the product. It is best to use moisture-proof materials. Such as 304 stainless steel and imported rubber wood. Specific attention should be paid to: (1) Bathroom cabinets should choose wall-mounted, high-legged or wheeled, so as to effectively isolate the invasion of the cabinet from the ground moisture. (2) It is necessary to understand whether all metal parts are moisture-proof stainless steel or aluminum products for bath cabinets, so that the resistance to moisture erosion will be strong. (3) Before buying, check the opening degree of the cabinet hinge. The more accurate the hinge, the tighter the cabinet door will be, and the harder it is for dust to enter. (4) Choose a bathroom cabinet with many drawers, it is convenient to put small debris. (5) When choosing the style of the bathroom cabinet, pay attention to whether the maintenance of the water pipe and the opening of the valve are guaranteed. (6) When installing the bathroom cabinet, be careful not to damage the water inlet and outlet pipes, otherwise water leakage will wet the cabinet during use. 4: Shower room acrylic sheet: mainly depends on the gloss of the acrylic sheet and the thickness of the back treatment. Under direct light, a good acrylic sheet has good light-shielding effect, uniform light transmission, and feels by hand. The good material has a thick texture and is not easy to deform. Pulleys and hinges: The quality of the pulleys and hinges directly affects the normal use of the product. Good pulleys and hinges, smooth sliding and switching, low noise, copper material, large manufacturers of brands generally have their own patented pulleys and hinges. Safety: It is related to the glass material, and can be divided into ordinary glass and tempered glass. Ordinary glass is cheap and unsafe to use. Now more tempered glass is used. At least 5MM tempered glass is used. It has strong impact resistance and is not easy to break. The glass with strong safety generally has the toughened identification mark CCC. Waterproofness: dry and wet separation are more popular now, considering the tightness of the seam. Sealing strips must be used to prevent water penetration. Practicality: The bathroom products pay attention to the matching effect, not the simple pursuit of styles. There is never the best style but the most classic style. 5: Faucet The faucet is the “conductor” of water, with the highest frequency of use. The faucet has various shapes and models. The following are the factors that need to be considered when selecting the faucet: Material: Whether to use copper plating, generally copper Heavier. Spool: The “heart” of the faucet, which determines the life of the faucet and the effect of the water, it is best to use a ceramic spool. Outlet filter: Generally, the outlet of the faucet has a rectifying net cover, and the outlet of a good faucet has a double-layer filter, which makes the outlet water smooth and smooth without splashing, accompanied by bubbles, and saves 30% of water. Surface treatment: The plating layer can be maintained for a long time without special maintenance. Good plating has 3 layers, the static surface effect is good, and it will not fall off for life. 6: Bath Material: There are steel plate bathtub, cast iron bathtub, acrylic bathtub and pearlescent bathtub. Steel plate enamel bathtub: The enamel surface is smooth and easy to transport and transport, but it is not resistant to impact and has poor thermal insulation. Cast iron bathtub: Sturdy and durable, high gloss, good acid and alkali resistance, but bulky, not easy to handle and install. Acrylic bathtub: Changeable shape, light weight, good thermal insulation effect, but due to the low hardness, the surface is prone to scratches. Pearl bathtub: The surface is smooth, and has a pearl-like luster, strong and durable, good thermal insulation, and the weight is easy to install. Drain valve: No matter what kind of material the bathtub is drained from before delivery, this part is easy to be overlooked and the most prone to problems. Be sure to try and install the drain valve on the spot when you buy it. Whether the switch is sensitive and reliable. If the bathroom area is small, you can choose 1400mm, 1500mm bathtub or shower room; if the bathroom area is large, you can choose 1600mm, 1700mm as the bathtub, if the bathroom area is large enough, you can install high-end massage bathtub and double bathtub, or exposed bathtub . Finally, let ’s talk about the various products of the bathroom that are installed last, but if we want to highlight the personalization of our bathroom, we must buy the bathroom products that we are satisfied with before purchasing other materials, so that we can match the bathroom products. Have your own full imagination space, let your bathroom personality fly. 7: The shower column includes a top shower set at the top of the shower column, more than one fixed pinhole small shower set at the middle of the shower column and a knob to adjust the water temperature and the size of the water flow, and a hand-held shower, the shower column is provided with an adjustable hand-held Fixed guide trough for shower installation height. The fixed guide groove is arranged on the side of the shower column and beside the decorative surface, and its cross section is T-shaped or C-shaped. A decorative plate is arranged on the front of the shower column, and a decorative surface is arranged on the side of the shower column. The utility model has simple manufacturing process and reasonable structure. Since the T-shaped or C-shaped fixed guide grooves are provided on the side of the shower column, the installation or the height of the hand shower can be adjusted according to the needs of different groups of people; The shower column can be sprayed with various colors of coating, and can be made into different lengths according to the different needs of users to meet the needs of different users. The utility model has low cost and is safe and convenient when used.