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There can be a sink without a pool, but there can be no sink without a faucet

What is in the billionaire house? An amazing wash basin is definitely indispensable. The sink without a sink is very novel. The surface of the pool is designed with a curvature that is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye. A long strip of water is dug in the surface of the pool. No matter how big the water is, it can flow along the drain. The designer has made eight samples to form, and has to say that the ingenuity design has to work hard.
“Ice Cave” sink
It is reported that 2015-2019 is the highest temperature of the earth. Whether it is or not, the global high temperature has already affected a wide range. Some people in the world worry that “it is not yet time to see the South Pole.” Instead of worrying, try to put the “Antarctic” home. This “Ice Cave” sink, which is knocked open in the polar glaciers, is like a mysterious “glacier century” when it is filled with water, which gives you a unique look and even makes you reluctant to wash it.
Vinyl record wash basin
A bathroom device that can listen to songs and wash hands should be the heart of music “fans”. Blending the sink, sink and DJ settings, the built-in sink body is designed as a vinyl record dial, and the “Adjust volume button on the turntable” is used to adjust water pressure and temperature. It is worth noting that the wooden base of the sink has a built-in drawer with a Bluetooth-controlled sound in the drawer, which is accompanied by music in the morning and evening.
Y-shaped arc wash basin
The minimalist trend provides a serene and clean experience with a complex feel. The combination of a simple sideline reveals a chilly Nordic style. The triangular triangular surface of the arc, combined with a hidden drainage system, makes the entire wash basin look fresh and tidy. At the same time, the ground-based package also includes a Y-shaped floor drain design to effectively prevent water from flowing out.
Minimalist Craft Series
In the past few years, embracing natural raw materials has become commonplace in home interior design. A palette of black and white and steel gray provides clean and modern lines. The selection of the wash basin is made of natural stone and is matched with a metal faucet to present a calming beauty.
No water pipe sink
This waterless washstand, Pipe-less, completely overturns the impression that the average person has on the bathroom. The stainless steel sink is equipped with the HIS system to hide the water pipes that are usually bent under the sink, saving space. It is also very suitable for moving the sink out of the bathroom and opening up more design space.
Terrazzo series wash basin
Recently, environmental protection topics have remained high, and “garbage classification” is no longer just an advocacy, but a necessity. Although the bathroom products are low in consumption, how to deal with them is also stressful. The terrazzo series wash basin “back” was created by the independent original design brand. The recycled stone aggregate and high-strength concrete were mixed and grouted, and the whole model was released, returning to the rough and straightforward nature. The curved shape is smooth and the edges are round. The high-density properties of high-strength concrete materials make the surface water absorption of the product lower, beautiful and durable.
Marble column wash basin
The source of inspiration is everywhere, and the wash basin is conceived in a wicker basket. The designer’s philosophy is always an unexpected surprise. The marble wash basin subverts our perception of marble plasticity, using a special design approach that combines the hard and soft cutting shapes of the marble, and the layered overlay gives a sense of tacit interaction between light and shadow.
Erosion wash basin
Inspired by the natural movement of the water, this eroded pool is designed to be used not only at home, but also in the office or in a premium hotel.
Flexible rubber wash basin
The design of the wash basin has always been fixed in hard ceramic products, but the designer’s idea is always ahead of the curve. Made of silicone rubber, this rubber wash basin is soft and flexible, changing the shape and depth of the wash basin, allowing the entire wall to be rolled down and folded at will, providing a safer environment for children and bringing the bathroom More fun and interactive. In addition, because it is almost inert to silica gel, it is easier to clean than ceramic products.
Tilting wash basin
Old people and children have always been the focus of family attention, bathroom products are convenient for a small family to use, more considerate. Taking into account the discomfort of the special crowd using the conventional wash basin, “sharp” the corner of the wash basin to increase the flexibility and versatility of the product. By swinging around the axis, you can pan and tilt to accommodate every adult and child standing or sitting.
Compound wash basin
The combination of the toilet and the wash basin sounds a bit strange, but it is very common in Japan. Putting the wash basin on the toilet saves floor space and improves space utilization. In addition, the water that has been washed can be recycled and flowed into the toilet along the pipe, reducing the amount of water used. It does not occupy land and save water resources. It is simply the “well-being” of young people living alone in small families.

So many innovative wash basins, of course, must be equipped with a new design faucet. VIGA FAUCET can help you solve this problem. We have a lot of different styles and design faucets for everyone to choose from. An empathetic and intuitive design language offers us the opportunity to create products that feel as if they were designed just for you.