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VIGA teaches you how to choose a good bathroom product more accurately.

VIGA’s four tips for purchasing ordinary bathroom products are “one look, two touches, three listeners, four ratios”. Although very simple, it is not easy to operate. Let’s take a look at how to do it:

1. Look, choose to observe the surface reflection of the bathroom products from the side under strong light. There are no or few blisters and pitting on the surface. High-brightness products use

high-quality glazed materials and a very good glazing process, which is reflective to light and has a good visual effect.

2, Touch, can be gently rubbed on the surface, feel very smooth and fine as well. You can also touch the back and feel the slight friction of “shasha” as well.

3, Listen, you can tap the ceramic surface with your hand, the sound of the generally good ceramic material is more crisp.

4, The ratio is mainly to investigate the water absorption rate, the lower the water absorption rate, the better. Ceramic products have a certain ability to adsorb and penetrate water. If water is

sucked into the ceramic, it will have a certain expansion, which will easily cause the glazed surface of the ceramic surface to crack due to expansion.

5, Judge the grade of the bathroom, choose the bathroom material that suits you. Materials are the main factors affecting the quality of sanitary ware. Different materials ultimately result in

different quality results and different prices. There are various types of bathroom panels, and different types of bathroom panels have their own advantages, and the quality of the bathroom panels

will directly affect the future use. When choosing a bathroom panel, besides choosing the style according to the style of the house and your own preferences, be sure to recognize the characteristics

of the material so that you can find the panel that suits you. At the same time, environmental protection must reach the E1 standard.

6, Design style determines a certain visual effect. The design style of the bathroom should be consistent with the design style of the family, especially the style of the part connected to the

restaurant, the living room, etc. should be consistent. Specifically, it is necessary to blend with the restaurant, the living room, etc. in terms of color, materials, and styling. For example, if the color

of the whole family is mainly warm, the color of the whole kitchen should also be warm. In terms of styling, if the overall style is relaxed and lively, the style of the kitchen can be relatively flexible,

and the line and surface can be more flexible. Some changes.