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These 8 popular decoration designs, you will regret it once you install it!

When it comes to decoration, many people will find it impossible to get the rough

1.Multifunctional tatami

There is a difference between the north and the south. In the rainy season in the south, the tatami is easily deformed and moldy. The dust in the north is very serious, and the tatami mats are particularly dusty, so they must be cleaned frequently. In addition, the cabinet is usually made of solid wood. If there is no special treatment to remove eggs beforehand, it is easy to grow insects.

2.Mosaic tiles

Mosaic tiles cannot be filled with white cement. It will turn yellow after a long time, and it will slowly corrode the mosaic tiles, which affects the overall beauty. But as time goes by, cleaning is also a problem. The gap is particularly easy to hide dirt and dirt.


Mosaic tiles are generally glass products, so they are easily broken during the decoration process. Unless a skilled tile master is found, the loss of ceramic tiles is another expense.

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3.Decorate with brick wall or stone

For our current house, it is bound to destroy the original wall surface, make a lot of effort, and it will be very difficult to clean and take care of it. Once there is a child, this rough texture material will threaten the child’s safety.

 4.Multifunctional furniture

Because of the frequency of use and design flaws in many multi-functional furniture, the materials and hardware are not well done. Frequent use will easily damage.

5.Wardrobe accessories

After reading many ways of storage, you should understand that the space should not be planned, and flexibility is the king.

6.Complex TV wall

I regretted it within half a year after I installed it, and now there are more and more things. I regret not making the TV wall into the form of a storage cabinet. Later, the TV basically stopped watching, and the area of the TV wall was completely idle. If you insisted on designing an open study room at that time, this place might not be like this.



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