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Do Not Panic When It Comes To Darkness. Do This 3 Steps To Say Goodbye To Black, Damp, Stink!

Do Not Panic When It Comes To Darkness. Do This 3 Steps To Say Goodbye To Black, Damp, Stink!

Most people have experienced the pain of choice when buying a house, right? For their favorite household type, they have a high price. For the household type with the right price, the quality is not good. The price is right, the household type is good, but the location is too remote. In the end, under the constraints of the budget, you can only choose a relatively satisfactory house, but there will inevitably be small regrets, such as “dark bathroom”.


The most distressing thing about the dark bathroom is just that: no light, no ventilation, and humidity, so the transformation of the dark bathroom should start from these points.


# “Steal light” or “make light” to make the dark bathroom bright #

The solution to the problem of lighting is generally divided into two kinds, one is to cut the wall to steal light, since there is no light that we will tear down the wall to create a light source. One for nothing, when the wall can not be removed (i.e., the former option is not feasible), we have to use light to forcibly create a light source.

1, Cut the wall to steal the light

If the light is obstructed by the partition wall, then we can cut the wall and add windows or install frosted glass doors, which can achieve the borrowed light, that is, the introduction of light into the space.

The practice of chiseling to steal light can only be used for non-load-bearing walls because load-bearing walls can not be smashed.

2, Fabricated

when the wall can not be removed (that is, when the previous option is not feasible), we can use light to create light sources, such as placing lamps around the mirror. We have all seen the kind of mirror with its own lighting on the back, and this type of lighting is more reasonable. The reflection through the wall allows people to see soft light and increase the illumination of the face. In addition, dark bathroom can also be designed with multiple local light sources for zoning installation. This can also achieve the interplay of positive and negative light sources, enhancing the brightness while not lacking a sense of hierarchy.


# Ventilation equipment to make the dark bathroom no longer smells #

The unpleasant odor in a dark bathroom is a real headache. The concealed bathroom that can be transformed by cutting the wall can be ventilated through the window, but there is no wall to cut the concealed bathroom that, how to do?

1, The installation of exhaust fans, which is currently the most common way, even in bright bathroom exhaust fan placement is also indispensable. Exhaust fans are broadly divided into three types: top-absorbing, wall-mounted, and window-mounted. I recommend using the top suction type, after all, it is the most popular because it has the highest value and no restrictions on installation conditions. Note that when installing the exhaust fan, be sure to install a check valve, or the smell of your own dark bathroom is drained out. If it leads to the smell of other people’s homes and backed up into it will be a waste of work.

2, Inhibit internal odor. Internal stink often comes from the floor drain and toilet. This problem is to carry out more high-powered exhaust can not be solved, we have to solve the problem from the root. For example, check whether the floor drain is clogged or dry water storage bend, such as whether the toilet is easy to hang dirt due to poor quality glaze, and then whether the toilet sealing flange is installed perfectly or whether there is an aging phenomenon.


# Reasonable design, refuse moisture #

The dark bathroom is not ventilated. A long-term humid environment is prone to water seepage leading to wall dampness and other problems.

1, Wet and dry separation

“Dry” refers to the sink, and “wet” refers to the bathroom. Wet and dry separation is to separate the bathroom and sink. If you want to reduce the water vapor in the bathroom, we must control the area of the wet area, therefore, wet and dry separation is essential.

2, Try to make the waterproof wall to the top

Generally, the shower area of the wall waterproofing will be painted to a height of 1.8m, for a dark bathroom, I recommend the wall waterproofing to the top.

3, Drain quickly

For drain, if you want to quickly increase the speed of drainage in the bathroom, you can start from two aspects: increase the slope of the drainage slope, and choose fast drainage that can not easily block the floor drain. When doing the drainage slope, from the edge of the corner to the floor drain, you should drop the height of 1cm for every 1m distance raised. For the dark bathroom, you can appropriately increase the slope of the drainage slope to drain quickly.

The above are some suggestions for improving the dark bathroom, have you learned?



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