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Top 5 Aluminium Suppliers & Manufacturers in China

Top 5 Aluminium Suppliers & Manufacturers in China

Aluminium Suppliers

Need help in importing aluminum extrusions from China? Below is a list of the top 5 aluminium supplier and manufacturers in China.

NO. Aluminum SuppliersMain Features
1Fenglu Aluminium Production and sales of aluminum alloy products
2JMA AluminiumAluminum alloy profiles, aluminum alloy doors, windows and curtain walls
3Zhongwang AluminiumHigh-quality aluminum products, complemented by excellent service
4Asia AluminiumOne of the largest manufacturers of aluminum profiles in Asia
5Xingfa AluminiumLeading enterprise of architectural aluminum profiles in China


  1. Fenglu Aluminium Supplier

Guangdong Fenglu Aluminum Company is located in Fengchi Industrial Zone, Dali, Nanhai District, Foshan, Guangdong, China. Fenglu Aluminum is a leading aluminum manufacturing company in China. It has two production bases in Guangdong, with a total area of 660,000 square meters and an annual production capacity of 600,000 tons of aluminum.

Founded in 1990, Fenglu Aluminum is the top aluminum manufacturing company in China with 600 patented products and over 80,000 products. Fenglu Aluminum exports its products to more than 100 countries, including the United States and Europe.

Top Products

Fenglu Aluminum has a structured production system.

  • High-end aluminum decorative materials
  • High-end window and door systems

Reasons for Recommendation

If you are looking for a high-end system for your windows and doors, Fenglu Aluminum is worth looking at.


  1. JMA Aluminium Supplier

Guangdong JMA Aluminum Profile Factory (Group) Co., Ltd. is a large enterprise established in 1993 and headquartered in Nanhai Non-ferrous Metal Industrial Park, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, China.

JMA Aluminum is the wind vane of the aluminum industry in China, producing modern design metal building materials for windows, doors and curtain walls.JMA Aluminum has three factories with a total area of 800,000 square meters.

JMA Aluminium’s products are sold to more than 30 provinces and cities in China and exported to more than 70 countries worldwide.

Popular Products

JMA Aluminum manufactures products according to the standards set by the Ministry of Construction.

  • Aluminum Doors
  • Aluminum Windows
  • Window Wall

Reasons for Recommendation

JMA Aluminum emphasizes the superior quality of all its aluminum products.


  1. Zhongwang Aluminum Suppliers

Zhongwang Aluminum is a global innovator and leading company in the aluminum industry in the field of processing. Founded in 1993, Zhongwang Aluminum is headquartered in Liaoyang City, Liaoning Province, China, with offices in Beijing and Hong Kong.

Zhongwang Aluminum is the largest manufacturer of aluminum profiles in Asia and the second-largest manufacturer of aluminum profiles in the world. Using the most advanced equipment for research and development, mold design, manufacturing, alloy melting and casting, Zhongwang Aluminum aims to provide a one-stop service for its customers.

Popular Products

Zhongwang Aluminum develops innovative products that are environmentally friendly, lightweight and high-tech.

  • Extruded Aluminum
  • Further Manufacturing
  • Aluminum Sheet Rolling

Reasons for Recommendation

CHONGWANG Aluminum creates high-quality products complemented by excellent service.


  1. Asia Aluminum Supplier

Zhaoqing Asia Aluminum Co., Ltd. is one of the largest manufacturers of aluminum in Asia, with the most advanced production facilities. Founded in 1990, Asia Aluminum is headquartered in Asia Aluminum City in Dawang High-Tech Development Zone, Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province. Asia Aluminum specializes in the design and manufacture of high-precision aluminum products.

With automated mold-making facilities, Asia Aluminum has an annual production capacity of 500,000 tons.

Asia Aluminum’s brand has been listed as one of the “Top 10 Preferred Brands” and “Top 10 Aluminum Brands in China”.

Popular Products

  • Windows
  • Doors
  • Curtain Wall

Reason for Recommendation

Asia Aluminum strives to provide high-quality aluminum products and good customer service.


  1. Xingfa Aluminum Suppliers

Guangdong Xingfa Aluminum Co., Ltd. was established in 1984 and is headquartered in Foshan City, Guangdong Province. Xingfa Aluminum is engaged in the production, processing and sales of aluminum, aluminum alloys and other aluminum products.

Since the start of its operations, Xingfa Aluminum has been leading the construction aluminum industry in China with its intelligent and creative production of aluminum products.

Xingfa Aluminum’s success can be attributed to its use of superior technology to produce high-quality products. Xingfa Aluminum will continue to be a brand of innovation and excellence.

Popular Products

Xingfa Aluminum is one of the first manufacturers of aluminum profiles in China, specializing in industrial and architectural aluminum products.

  • Windows and Doors
  • Curtain Wall
  • Common Aluminum Alloy

Reasons for Recommendation

Xingfa Aluminum produces proven products, complemented by competitive pricing and good customer service practices.



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