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VIGA teaches you how to know a variety of shower faucets.

What kind of shower is good to buy?

The design of the bathroom, we usually design bathing utensils here, especially the design of the shower faucets, which is very important for our life, many people will design traditional hand-held

showers here. However, with the advancement of technology, many families no longer use this kind of shower, and choose the kind of fixed shower that can be hung on the wall. This kind of shower

is more practical, but we still have to choose according to ourselves. Depending on the needs.

What kind of shower is good?

Hand-held showers are actually kept when we are showering. This is very inconvenient. Although many people think that they can save water, this idea is wrong. This kind of shower is not saved,

and if we use It’s broken, it has to be replaced directly, so it’s very impractical.

We often see fixed showers in many hotels. These showers are usually installed on the ceiling or fixed directly on the wall. It is very convenient. We don’t hold it when we shower. There is a feeling

of being rained, it is very comfortable, you can enjoy the pleasure of the shower, but the only drawback of this shower is that you can’t adjust the height.

In addition, there is a side-spraying shower. This kind of shower is actually used together with a fixed shower. It is also an auxiliary shower. The function of this shower is different from ordinary

showers. It plays a washing function, the biggest difference is that the installation location is a bit different.

The last one is a multi-head shower. We need to adjust the height by ourselves. The controllability is relatively high, and it has a certain water-saving function when used. It is a kind of

environmentally friendly shower, so decorate this flower at home. Sprinkling is also a good choice.

There are too many choices when decorating the bathroom showers. We have to choose according to our own needs. Choosing a suitable shower can also have more convenience for future life.