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Water safety is the primary factor in purchasing faucets

In addition, considering the safety of household water, there will be relatively high requirements for the safety and reasonableness of its internal structure.
What kind of faucet material is best used? From the material, there are multiple choices of stainless steel, brass, zinc alloy and polymer composite materials. Stainless steel is generally considered to have excellent rust-preventing properties and will not cause rust stains to affect water due to long-term scouring. The surface of the brass faucet is generally treated with a coating. It can be kept bright and not rusted for a long time. However, in recent years, the brass market has soared, the price of the faucet has also increased, and there are some unscrupulous merchants shoddy. Make a profit, so be sure to keep your eyes open when you choose. So how do you distinguish these materials? Because from the appearance, the presence of the coating masks its original material, it is not easy to distinguish. You can make a preliminary resolution by looking at the material inside the bottom faucet interface. Another way to choose is to compare the feeling by hand. Its weight, copper material is relatively heavy. Here, VIGA FAUCET advises everyone to go to the formal professional faucet sales place to buy, to prevent the purchase of rough processing products, to bring trouble to you later.
2. Function
How to choose the faucet style of the kitchen and bathroom? The purpose of the faucet is to control the size of the water flow to save water. Therefore, the controllable range of the water flow after opening is an important aspect when you consider it. If the water flow is too small, you can’t use it well. Cleaning, if the water flow is too large, may be a waste of resources. In addition, the utility of the faucet hardware to control the water temperature is also an aspect that everyone chooses. Some faucets have two functions of hot and cold water, which can be used according to their own habits. Some faucets have internal adjustment functions, and then adjust the water temperature. Use it. Bathrooms, kitchens, and washrooms have different needs for the functions of the faucets because of different needs. When choosing, they should be separated according to the actual situation. It is not possible to generalize.
3. Style
There are also many classifications of faucets in the style. According to the types of switches, there are spiral, wrench, lift and induction. The faucet of the spiral switch is gradually being “disgusted” by people. It is more inconvenient to use when it is used. The other three are more popular with the public. Compared with the convenience of opening, the wrench type and lifting The size of the water flow can be controlled by controlling the angle of the switch. Although the inductive switch faucet is inferior in the function of adjusting the water flow, it is better to directly discharge the water without touching the faucet surface, and the water can be automatically stopped after the water, thereby reducing the faucet itself. The loss, and also because of the less contact, the surface of the faucet is not too dirty.
4.Internal structure
The key factor affecting the quality of the faucet should be the valve core. There are usually rubber, ceramic and stainless steel. The rubber valve core is followed by the spiral switch faucet. Now it basically fades out of the choice of people, ceramics and Stainless steel products are favored by everyone because of their better quality. For some areas with poor water quality, stainless steel valve cores are generally chosen because they are more sturdy and durable.
There is a saying that water is the source of life. For the source of water, the faucet must not be sloppy when it is selected. In addition to the above, there are also faucets with purification function, filtering out unhealthy substances rich in water. So that you can use it more reassuringly. Of course, when choosing this kind of faucet, you should also avoid some false advertising businesses and use bad means to attract your attention.