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What Are The Functions Hidden In A Small Shower?

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After a busy day, a comfortable hot shower is the most relaxing and happy moment of the day.

However, there are a variety of showerheads on the market, which is dazzling. How do we choose a satisfactory shower?

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What are the types of showerheads?

The showerhead determines the speed of water flow. The location of the installation, and the way the water comes out, will give the body a different sense of touch.

According to the form of classification, it can be divided into hand-held shower, overhead shower and side spray shower.

1、Handheld shower

Handheld shower is a must for almost all families. It can move freely, but also can be fixed on the shower frame. It has a more diverse water outlet. If your home is not suitable for the shower set, buying a good handheld shower is also very sufficient.

2、Head shower

The overhead shower is fixed in our overhead position. Part of the head shower height is not adjustable, but generally can adjust the angle of the water. It has a large water area, you can wash your hair and shower at the same time.

The shower set on the market basically consists of a handheld shower and an overhead shower. Due to its versatility, this has also become the most popular type of shower in China.

3、Side spray shower

The bracket of the side spray shower is hidden, and the location of the spout is fixed.

Installation is recommended to have a separate bathroom, do not wet the entire bathroom.

In addition, this side spray shower is relatively troublesome to install, and the angle of the shower is relatively fixed.

General family use is still more recommended for the first two.

What Are The Functions Hidden In A Small Shower? - Blog - 2

According to the way the shower water, it can be divided into general type, massage type, spray type, bubble type.

1、General type

Selection without special requirements, we buy the shower for the general type. The most basic shower water flow required when taking a shower, is suitable for a simple and quick shower.

2、Massage type

Massage type is to concentrate the water flow to the massage water hole. It has a strong and powerful water splash and intermittent pouring. It plays a certain massage effect and can relax the body. This can be said to be an upgraded version of the general type.

3、Spray type

Spray type of its spray aperture through the special design. After the water flow through the formation of fog and then sprayed, fog water area is relatively large. And it has a softer feel. It feels like a hairy touch, very comfortable and gentle.

This is more suitable for families with young children, and will also be more water-saving.

4、Bubble type

The bubble type allows air to be injected into the water flow. Set the air groove inside the shower. High-speed flow of water driven by airflow mixed to form a water column, brings a soothing feeling to the whole body. The whole person is refreshed after the shower.

This nourishing skin feeling will be better, and also has the same water-saving function.

What Are The Functions Hidden In A Small Shower? - Blog - 3


When the shower purchase, not just look at the shape

When buying a shower, the average consumer may look at the appearance of the shower. But the following features and details, is the key factor to determine whether a shower quality.

1, Thermostat function

Before taking a shower, it is a relatively troublesome thing to adjust the water temperature each time. Now on the market, there are a lot of shower configuration thermostat function. It uses a metal ball valve to help you remember the temperature you debug. When you turn it on each time, it will be fixed at your adjusted temperature.

If you have elderly people or children at home, the thermostat function also has a certain security role. This can be careful to prevent scalding.

2, Water-saving features

Bathing water consumption is very large, especially in the hot summer people will be more frequent bathing. People are in a comfortable state, but also easy to forget the time. There are people who like to think about things or think about life in the shower. Time is like flowing water, flowing water is like money.

So pick the shower to consider how the water flow, and finally choose the shower with flow control.

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3、Booster function

If you are on a high floor, the water pressure at home is relatively low, resulting in slow water shower, so you can choose a showerhead with booster function. It can improve the water pressure, stronger impulse.

4、Water purification and dechlorination

People’s demand for water quality is no longer limited to drinking water. People also have a requirement for the water quality of the bath water.

If you have requirements for water quality, you can pick a shower with a high-energy purification ball and a permanent magnet when choosing. It can improve water quality by magnetizing, adsorbing, filtering, and oxidizing the residual chlorine, bacteria, and impurities in the water. Close contact with the skin more assured.

What Are The Functions Hidden In A Small Shower? - Blog - 5

5、Plating material

Generally speaking, the brighter and more delicate the surface of the shower, the better the plating process. Good valve core is made of extremely hard ceramic. They are smooth, wear-resistant, and to eliminate dripping. When you buy, be sure to twist the switch yourself to try. If the feel is poor, this kind of shower is best not to buy.

6, Gripping feel

Good grip shower can enhance the comfort of the shower. Shower handle is generally made of stainless steel, and most businesses will add a non-slip layer on the surface to increase the feel. And the quality of the anti-slip layer can also play a role in insulation.

In addition, the angle of the shower is also an element that determines the comfort of grip. You should also pay attention when you buy.



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