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What is a Kitchen Faucet?

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What is a kitchen faucet – The kitchen faucet is a mechanical device with a valve, which is used to control the water flow from the bucket and other reservoirs and the water pipe. It is the core part of the kitchen. Choosing the right kitchen faucet is an important decision. According to research, the average American spends more than 5 hours in the kitchen and every hour in the living room.

Kitchen faucets are now available in a variety of styles and finishes, which can complement your kitchen theme and personal preferences. In this era of technological advancement, kitchen faucets are now equipped with various practical functions that improve the quality of user experience. From a series of available functions including handle, design and sprayer, you need to choose the function that meets your needs, simplifies daily chores, and suits your taste.
In addition, there are different types of kitchen faucets, including single-handle faucets, double-handle faucets and non-contact hands-free faucets, countertop and wall-mounted faucets. The type of faucet you like depends on your comfort and requirements. But don’t be overwhelmed by all the fascinating designs and fancy features, because it is very important to understand your sink settings.
When installing a kitchen faucet, the faucet hole and installation are important issues. Nowadays, kitchen faucets are equipped with a range of optional accessories, such as eye locks, lotions and soap dispensers. These accessories help to achieve a complete and polished appearance.
In order to better understand the installation and maintenance of your kitchen faucet, it is important to understand what the kitchen faucet is composed of and the function of each component. Mentioned below are the components and functions that make up the kitchen faucet,
Washer-The washer is used to connect the aerator to the faucet rod. They are used to compress water taps. However, spherical, disc, and barrel faucets are all non-washer faucets.
Aerator-The aerator, also called an adapter, is installed on the tap to change the flow of water. They are used to produce splash-free water flow through a mixture of water and air. The aerator not only prevents splashes, but also shapes water flow, saves water, reduces faucet noise and increases perceived water pressure.
Gasket-A gasket, also called an O-ring, is used to ensure that the tap joint is sealed. They are made of rubber or metal. They are usually placed between the faucet and the top of the sink.
Faucet levers-these are the parts that are directly connected to the sink, and the water flows out of them. These are the most famous parts of kitchen faucets.
Handle, lever and control device-these mechanical parts are used to open or close the faucet.
Stem screws-Stem screws, also called bib screws, are used to connect the washer to the end of the tap stem.
Escutcheons-Escutcheons, also called flanges, are used to cover holes in pipes or valves. They are installed behind or under the kitchen faucet to prevent water from leaking from behind.



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