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What is the brass bidet faucet?

The bidet is equipped with a faucet nozzle like a wash basin. There are cold and hot water for selection and adjustment, and there are two types of water discharge methods: direct injection and lower spray. It is mainly used for people (both men and women) to wash the lower body. . Bidet was invented by the French in the late seventeenth or early eighteenth centuries. In Old French, the original meaning of bidet is “horse riding”, because the action when using the bathtub is very similar to that of riding a horse. At the beginning, it is a basin filled with water, which needs to be watered by hand. In 1750, the modified version of the bidet with water spray was invented and the hands were released. In Europe, the general family bathroom will still have such a bidet next to the toilet.

Is the bidet faucet practical?

  1.  A woman in adolescence is the golden age of a woman’s life. It is the most active age stage. Estrogen secretion, metabolism is strong, the secretion of vulva is increased, and bacteria are easy to breed. Some women are in the bathroom every day in order to clean. Wash below. Some young women are busy with work, and they don’t feel too unhealthy. They don’t care too much about these problems. But now, even if they are kept clean, there will be many potential diseases, and these illnesses will appear when they are middle-aged. And now more and more women have gynecological diseases, this is not enough to let us pay attention to it? As long as the warm water cleaning, the underlying disease will slowly disappear, to ensure good health.
  2. The female resistance during pregnancy decreased, easily cause urinary tract infection, if it is serious, affecting the health of the baby and the baby, in order for the baby to be healthy, the installation of the bidet is worth considering. It is a problem for pregnant women to kneel down. It is inconvenient to wash with a basin, and it may not be able to be cleaned. In case there is water on the floor, pregnant women may have the risk of slipping.
  3. Women after production need to be kept clean from time to time, people who have just given birth will be more or less under some damage, coupled with decreased resistance, is the best period of gynecological disease incidence, if not cleaned in time will cause wounds Infected, serious will affect postpartum recovery. The weak body after childbirth simply can’t go on. The use of a bidet is not only convenient, but also keeps it clean at all times, effectively preventing postpartum infection.
  4. Elderly women, female sex hormone levels decline, physical fitness, resistance is also falling, want to effectively avoid gynecological diseases, only timely cleaning, keep fresh, in order to improve immunity, reduce the incidence of gynecological diseases.

How to use the bidet faucet

The bidet is similar in height to the toilet. The user only needs to sit on the bidet with two feet apart, face the faucet, control the water flow speed, water temperature and fill the bidet. The bidet is convenient for cleaning certain parts of the body, making the user feel clean and comfortable. It can also be used to clean people such as sores, rashes or incontinence.

Bidet faucet installation steps

  1. Align the drain of the bidet with the inlet of the sewer pipe and align the bidet. Make a mark at the mounting hole, remove the bidet and drill the expansion bolt at the mark.
  2. Install the bidet faucet and remove water.
  3. Connect the drain pipe and insert it into the drain.
  4. Apply glass glue to the bottom edge of the bidet.
  5. Align the expansion bolts to secure the bidet to the floor.
  6. Apply a glass glue to the decorative cap and snap it onto the bolt.
  7. Install the angle valve and drain the water to flush out the residue in the inlet pipe.
  8. Connect the angle valve and the bidet faucet with a hose.
  9. Test the flushing water and use it if there is no abnormality.

Bidet faucet usage considerations

  1. Before installation, the construction of wall and floor tiles, reserved inlet pipes and drain pipes should be completed.
  2. The bidet should be installed on a hard and level ground, the floor must be cleaned, and the drain pipe connected to the bidet should be provided with a trap.
  3. The sewage outlet of the bidet should be aligned with the inlet of the sewer pipe. Apply glass glue or sludge to the joint to ensure that the sewage does not overflow the pipe.
  4. When the bidet mounting hole is fastened with expansion bolts, it should not be too tight to prevent damage.
  5. Do not install the bidet with cement.
  6. When using, do not put easy blockage into the bidet.
  7. Avoid violent impact when installing and using.

Bidet faucet benefits

  1. Environmental protection
    If your bathroom is an ordinary toilet, you should use toilet paper. Since the toilet, especially the siphon type toilet, is generally designed to have a narrow drain pipe, it is more likely to cause clogging than a flush toilet. If the washing is done with a bidet, the effort of wiping with toilet paper is eliminated, and the toilet paper can be saved in a large amount, so that it is more environmentally friendly.
  2. Health, fashion
    Since the bidet is cleaned in the private place with clean water, it can avoid the situation that the toilet paper can not be wiped clean, which can reduce the gynecological disease or other diseases. Some rectal surgeons also recommend that the dynamic cleaning method of using warm water after toileting is conducive to the prevention and treatment of physical diseases such as hemorrhoids.
    A family, if your toilet has a flushing function, is it more healthy and fashionable? Moreover, you don’t have to pay a high price to buy a smart toilet lid to do a big job for your family’s health.
    Off-topic, if you have a lot of toilets in your public area, the new type of bidet is equipped with an automatic changing toilet cover. It is a good choice to change one person and wash it, which gives you a layer of protection for health.
  3. Suitable for the elderly
    For the elderly, it may be difficult to wipe the butt with toilet paper. If you use a bidet, you can sit directly on it to clean the private parts, avoiding a series of troublesome steps with toilet paper. If a smart toilet is used, there may be an operation error in the elderly due to too many buttons on the control panel, and the toilet washing device can be used conveniently and directly without excessive operation.
  4. The new type of bidet does not take up space, no need to set up another water source
    The size of the Chinese family bathroom is small, the basin-type bidet takes up space, and the new type of bidet is placed between the toilet lid and the ceramic toilet base. It does not occupy space, nor does it need to consider separate inlets and drains, and no connection. power supply.
  5. The new type of bidet cost-effective
    Domestic brands, the price of basin-type bidet is generally around 800-2000, and there is no matching faucet price. At present, the price of a smart toilet cover is mostly several thousand yuan. Therefore, compared with the smart toilet lid and the basin-type bidet, the new type of bidet is cost-effective, and it can be fixed under about 400 yuan.