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VIGA leads the new state and becomes a new generation of “healthy bathroom butler”.

Contemporary anxiety
Life pressure goes hand in hand

According to the “2018 White Paper on Internet Sleep of Chinese Internet Users”, work stress is the “culprit” affecting the quality of sleep. The study pointed out that 70% of Internet users are plagued by work stress and lead to poor sleep quality. Heavy work and fast-paced urban life make anxiety and stress a lingering nightmare for urban sleepless people. Behind the twenty-four hours of the bustling city, countless people are running thin ice, and the pressure is not dispatched.
You can’t even live well in the moment, and what ability to have a happy tomorrow? Anxiety, insomnia, no happiness, no health, what is the meaning of those so-called struggles? What is the ultimate goal? In ancient times, eating and drinking was the greatest ideal. Chai rice oil and salt is the biggest dilemma facing life. Nowadays, after the basic survival needs are solved, the contemporary people are beginning to pursue a better life, struggling to survive the pressure of life and family. What is your ideal lifestyle like?

Home consumption upgrade
Smart bathroom creates a better life

In the context of China’s rapid economic development, the ideal life that contemporary people yearn for is indulging in mountains and rivers, and traveling abroad has become a commonplace. The biggest way to decompress is to buy, buy, buy, eat, and release pressure through temporary consumption. When the night is quiet, there is only one sigh.
But the ideal way of life is not necessarily the fresh clothes and anger, travel around the country to pursue poetry and distance, but to place body and mind in the rice and tea, and easily live each day. Of course, real life will not be smooth, stress and patience will always follow, making our nerves tight. In such a day, eat a delicious meal, take a hot bath, sleep with a satisfying mood, and wake up is full of vitality.

VIGA has always been committed to creating a “good time for my bathroom” for the majority of consumers. In 2018, VIGA took the lead in the industry to propose the brand positioning of “Healthy Bathroom Butler”, emphasizing the health of people’s living space as the foundation, enjoying the daily life as the brand mission, advocating “loving technology”, sublimating the bathroom experience, bringing People have a relaxed, convenient and comfortable lifestyle with a healthy, stylish and enjoyable bathroom experience.

Leading the development of sanitary ware
VIGA into a healthy bathroom butler

Sanitary ware is one of the most frequently used and highly concerned home improvement products in the world. Even the Japanese writer “Sister Moutai” has specially written a “Peeping Toilet”, which is a well-illustrated toilet and bathroom products. And judge the quality of family life with the characteristics of this key place.
Along with the improvement of living standards, high value-added sanitary wares are occupying the market high ground. The traditional single-product production of mass-produced products is being gradually eliminated by the market, and high value-added sanitary ware products are quietly occupying the absolute high ground of the industrial market. In addition, the pursuit of personalized post-80/90 consumer groups, compared with the previous generation of consumer groups, the demand for added value of products is also higher.
In recent years, China’s smart sanitary ware has flourished, and a number of well-known smart bathroom brands have emerged. However, most smart bathroom companies focus only on the technology itself. Only VIGA has made a clear-cut brand positioning of “healthy bathroom butler” in the industry. The focus has been raised from industry technology to social care.
As Peter Kuang, General Manager of VIGA, said: The ultimate goal of intelligence is to make consumers live a better life. Caring for the health of consumers and becoming a national health sanitary ware house is the initial heart of VIGA and its mission. In the future, VIGA will study more about human health and development. In this era of intelligent big data, we use intelligence to relieve stress for modern people and lead a new direction of health and wellness.