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Floor drainer

The floor drain seems to be a humble thing, but it has a vital role in the home! Once something goes wrong, whether it is odorous or blocked, it can be a headache. If you don’t buy and use the floor drain correctly, then this will cause you a lot of trouble.
Three major functions of floor drain: anti-blocking, deodorant, anti-dry. Buying an inappropriate floor drain, the house is filled with stench.
Before buying a floor drain, you should communicate with the decoration master, confirm your pipe diameter and launch depth, and ask the merchant to confirm the size is appropriate. Carefully choose U-shaped floor drains and T-type floor drains, and choose different floor drains in different areas.
Choose the location of the wrong floor drain, installed equal to white.
The location of the floor drain is usually designed in one of the four corners of the bathroom, but if the space is very small, or if the bathtub is installed in the bathroom, it must be designed. Its location preferably matches the following:
It should be installed far away from the door of the bathroom, otherwise the water will easily flow out of the door.
Choosing a relatively open area is not only convenient for cleaning, but also does not reduce the rate of water discharge.
Don’t be in the middle of a tile, at the junction of four tiles, otherwise it will not only affect the appearance, but also easily accumulate water.
It is best not to be on the line, otherwise it is easy to step on the water. Design the drain pipe and floor drain to be accurate and positional, otherwise the water in the wash basin and washing machine can easily escape from other floor drains.
What are the hidden dangers of poor quality floor drains?
1. Become one of the sources of stench in the home
2. One of the ways for mosquito breeding in summer
3. Every time you take a shower, the shower has the enjoyment of the bathtub (the bottom of the foot is full of water)
4. In the future life, it may cause leakage under the floor (assuming that the waterproofing of the bathroom is not in place, the floor drain leaks the water when the bathroom is flushed, causing the bathroom wall to leak water)
There are so many problems with a small floor drain, but the floor drain is not as expensive as it is, and it is not free to buy! So how should we choose a floor drain?
The first factor to consider: the deodorant effect, whether it is easy to block, whether it is easy to clean
The second factor to consider: comparison of component size, opening position, material material
T-type floor drain
Features: high height, no water, fast water, good self-cleaning ability, no blockage
Disadvantages: poor deodorization effect (T-type floor drain needs to rebound to seal deodorant), suitable for kitchen washing machine, balcony
U-shaped floor drain
Features: high height, more water, good deodorant effect
Disadvantages: slow water discharge, poor self-cleaning ability, suitable for bathroom and toilet
The daily water consumption is very large. Every day washing, changing clothes, daily washing in the home requires water, and the used water needs to be discharged. There may be some debris in the used water. After filtering, it will lead to blockage of the pipeline, so the use of floor drain is indispensable. In the bathroom, kitchen, balcony, these places need to use floor drain, then what to do if the ground leaks, let’s see what tips are there. Let’s go.
Hair entanglement causes blockage
What should I do if the floor drain is blocked? I want to make the floor drain re-opening. It is necessary to understand why the floor drain is blocked. For example, the floor drain in the bathroom will often be blocked. In fact, the floor drain in this space will be blocked. Because of the too much hair, hair loss is a common thing, especially when taking a bath, some hair falls down and flows down the water into the floor drain. Over time, it will cause blockage of the floor drain.
Because the hair is entangled, the floor drain will become more and more blocked. When cleaning, first clean the hair inside the floor drain, so that you can continue to use it, but this is not a long-term solution, otherwise it will be used after a period of use. This happens, so you can reduce your socks to a small piece. The thinner the better, install it in the position of the water inlet, so that when you take a bath, the hair will stick to the socks, so don’t worry. There is a situation of blocking the floor drain.
Greasy kitchen clog
In addition to the bathroom, the floor drain that is most prone to blockage in the house is inside the kitchen. The kitchen has to cook every day, to wash the bowl, to drain, and to wash vegetables, so there will be many different sizes of impurities mixed in The inside of the waste water, especially when washing the bowl and brushing the pot, is greasy, that is, these greasy and residue blocks the floor drain.
Therefore, when unblocking, you can’t solve it in the normal way. You need to prepare half a bag of soda powder and pour it into the floor drain. Add some white vinegar and wait for a while to dissolve the greasy stuff. Then the faucet is continuously washed and almost cleaned.
What should I do if the floor drain is blocked? If you want to clear the blocked floor drain, you need to know what the floor drain is because of the blockage. Where is the blockage? After you understand the cause, you can prescribe the right medicine. In many cases, it is blocked by the hair. It is also a troublesome situation, so pay attention to protection in daily life. It is best to concentrate on the hair that is dropped and do not throw it into the drain. Otherwise, it will be a trouble to create disguise for yourself.



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