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VIGA popular sales shower mixer -765100CH

At nine to five, we dragged our tired body off work every day, and when we got home, we became tired. At this time, there is nothing more than a hot water wash, and it is more sighing. How can you not have a good shower at such a moment of enjoyment?

This shower is so beautiful!
The minimalist design of the shower head, which is straight and not swayed by the shower, makes the lifting and turning adjustment more arbitrary and meets different height requirements.

The 765100CH shower injects innovative elements into the design, and the “ultra-thin body + large flat tube design” makes a piece of cold metal become fashionable and avant-garde.
Simple overall chrome design, versatile style bathroom. The 765100CH shower body is made of lead-free copper. It can effectively inhibit bacteria and is strong and wear-resistant.

The top spray circular treatment of the 765100CH shower is just right, and the simplicity is elegant.
It’s not enough to look at the appearance of the flowers. It’s not enough to wash them. The material of the shower should be thick, and the plating should be light…

Water function: versatile, can also do SPA at home

A good shower will ensure that we have a shower effect. If the jet of water is too strong, it will be a little painful when hitting the body; it is too small and not too addictive.
A VIGA shower is excellent in the water function, and is equipped with pressurized water, shower water, pressurized water + shower water multi-mode. The pressurized water has strong water output and is suitable for hydrostatic massage on the easily tired parts such as shoulders, neck and waist to relieve physical fatigue and discomfort. The shower is evenly soft and suitable for daily bathing. The combination of the two is a combination of rigidity and softness, giving the body a family SPA experience.
Hand shower shower mode + top spray shower two water outlet modes
You can change the adjustment at will.
Operation: delete the simple

Many consumers will worry about the trouble of operation because of the way they shower. But these four KBA showers don’t have to worry about it.

If you want to switch between the top spray, the hand shower or the tap, you can easily get it with the push of a button. And the logo on the converter is also very clear, the elderly can understand at a glance.
The control of the shower, top spray and lower water can be achieved by rotating the left button of the shower platform.

The right button of the shower platform can easily control the water volume and water temperature through the two actions of “dial” and “twist”.
Details: meticulous

Good showers not only need to be beautiful and unique in design, but also guarantee quality. In addition, we must work hard on the details to reflect humanity.

The ceiling height of the bathroom and your height determine the height of the shower. Under normal circumstances, the faucet is 70-80 cm from the ground, the shower column height is 1.1 m, the length of the faucet and shower column joint is 10-20 cm, and the height of the shower from the ground is 2.1-2.2 m. We must take into account the size of the bathroom space when purchasing, and also consider whether the height of the shower column is suitable for the height of the ceiling.

But this VIGA shower doesn’t have to worry about it. This shower has a scalable design that allows people of all heights to enjoy just the right shower.
It is convenient to get a shower when you reach for a shower. VIGA showers come with a storage panel, large flat surface, which makes the toiletries available at your fingertips; the storage panel uses rounded glass with special treatment on the surface, which is light, safe and beautiful.
Practical and beautiful

VIGA has always adhered to the concept of “feeling and comfort”, and this concept is perfectly reflected in this product design.

shower faucet set

shower faucet set