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What kind of faucets would you prefer?

Faucets can be made from different kinds of material. But which one would you prefer?
What kind of faucets would you prefer? - Faucet Knowledge - 1

What kind of faucets would you prefer? - Faucet Knowledge - 2

Faucets made of copper may not be good. Many of the copper faucets on the market today are made of Hpb59-1 brass, however, Hpb59-1 do the faucet lead precipitation is often over the standard, commonly known as heavy metal overload. So, the cheaper copper faucet bought at home, for drinking water, it is recommended to unscrew it and let the water out for a while before connecting, try to flush away the water that has been in contact with copper.

The market is also useful for lead-free copper to do copper, this material is better. But relatively, it will be more expensive. On the one hand, because of the material price difference, on the other hand, also because the processing performance of this material is not as good as Hpb59-1, the process cost will be higher.

In addition, there is a material called zinc alloy will also be used on the faucet. Do not buy, lead content exceeds the standard seriously, and easy to be corroded, may be the exterior chrome you look and copper material almost, but the internal water over the place it is not polished, how dirty inside you can not imagine. It is also very heavy, you can not weigh out with your hands.

In fact, I personally feel the healthiest plastic faucet, is a lighter feel, not stable, so that people feel very easy to break. In fact, the strength is really not as strong as the metal, but generally with a five or six years or even more than ten years, no problem at all. Do not underestimate the plastic, most of the car is also plastic it.

There are also metal wrapped plastic faucets on the market, I feel very good, they are made of metal shell, internal waterway with plastic (this safety can be assured that food-grade materials are truly not expensive, there is no need to reduce the cost), this faucet takes into account the appearance and feel of metal, as well as water quality does not have the risk of heavy metal overload (because there is no contact with metal). More recommended, the price is generally between copper and plastic.



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