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White Paper On Assembled Sanitary Ware: New Technologies Are Widely Used, Track Competition Will Become White-Hot

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Recently, “2021 assembled bathroom development white paper” (hereinafter referred to as “white paper”) was officially released. This by the Guangdong Provincial Building Materials Association assembly building branch, Guangdong Province, assembly building and green building materials expert committee, the China Institute of Building Standards and Design, home page think tank and other units co-editor, and a number of domestic and foreign whole bathroom-related enterprises co-editor, participant, into the editor.

Technology upgrades, material upgrades, the overall sanitary products are better able to fight.

Affected by technical capabilities, product form, the overall sanitary ware early product application scene is very limited. It mainly has aircraft, high-speed rail as the representative of transportation, with hotels, public rental, security housing as the representative of the operating properties, and hospitals, schools as the representative of the public space.

These application scenarios require short delivery cycles. It does not have high requirements for texture and aesthetics. They focus on the functional needs of the bathroom space more than the sense of design. They are delivered in bulk, with a large number of bathroom spaces of the same size, design and material within each project, which is highly compatible with the industrialized production properties of the whole bathroom.

According to the White Paper, China’s initial overall bathroom materials follow the early Japanese technology, only SMC material. This material is low cost of production, but the sense of poor quality. With long-term use, it will yellowing, difficult to clean. It is also due to the limitations of the early materials, so that the whole bathroom has been labeled as cheap.

In the past two years, with the diversification of the technical path, the whole bathroom material applications are also being enriched. The current technology is more mature color steel, rock board, ceramic tile, ceramic slab. In addition, foamed ceramics, environmental protection tiles and other products are also looking for the path of adaptation. The overall sanitary ware gradually conquer consumers with advanced texture and superior aesthetics.

Products from the specifications, materials have a richer choice. The whole bathroom is going to the real estate finishing and chain business, the future may also enter the C side. Breakthroughs are made in old renovation projects and stock renovation. Customizable sanitary ware will enter more application scenarios.

At the same time, with the induction technology, touch technology, automatic control technology, constant temperature technology and other emerging technologies are widely used. Many bathroom companies began to integrate these emerging technologies, the introduction of intelligent toilets, intelligent bathroom cabinets, intelligent bathtubs, intelligent showers, intelligent light control systems and other new bathroom products. This brings a disruptive bathroom experience for people.

The White Paper predicts that in the future, with the further integration and maturity of the sanitary industry and intelligent technology, the cost of intelligent sanitary products will be further reduced, and eventually achieve the integration of the overall sanitary ware, and complete the intelligence of the overall bathroom components.


The whole renovation policy has helped to increase the penetration rate of the whole bathroom industry

Since 2016, the country has continued to focus on the development of assembly-type construction. The country’s localities have introduced more than 120 policies to promote the implementation.

Among them, the national “Thirteenth Five-Year” action plan for assembled buildings requires that the proportion of assembled buildings in new buildings reach 15% in 2020. Newly built townhouses must be delivered fully furnished. The waterproof design of the bathroom needs to reach 20 years.

The white paper believes that, as the work life of the whole bathroom is up to 20-30 years, while the traditional bathroom work life is only 5-6 years. Therefore, the whole bathroom will be a better choice of bathroom construction in the assembly building, and the industry’s development prospects are good. (Source: home page think tank)

The whole renovation policy has helped one after another, in addition to favorable sanitary ware enterprises, ceramic enterprises, but also mobilized the enthusiasm of the extension of real estate enterprises. In recent years, real estate companies have promoted the development of standardized products in order to speed up the turnover efficiency, save R & D costs, and take advantage of the collection. It is reported that Beyoncé, Vanke, Longhu, Xuhui and other developers have begun to build their own sanitary ware factories.

The white paper also predicts that the future of the whole bathroom track competition will be white-hot, and it is expected that in 2020-2025 the whole bathroom main application market (hotel / apartment / residential) scale will expand from 2.3 billion yuan to 16.5 billion yuan.

(Source: Home Page Intelligence)



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